Chasyr Combines Uber And Crypto: Take A Ride On The Blockchain!

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Uber and other ridesharing services have completely disrupted the taxi industry.
It's more convenient, you have more options, and most importantly, it's cheaper - so why would you call a regular cab instead of an Uber? It's obvious.

But now, a new startup from California aims to disrupt Uber itself - by combining it with blockchain technology!

Chasyr is the first ever blockchain-based, self-sustained and community driven ridesharing service.

Created by an Uber driver himself, Chasyr aims to disrupt the economy by offering the unique benefits of blockchain technology and built-in cryptocurrency tokens.

We are an early stage ridesharing startup that will use blockchain technology to create a place where users can connect directly in a transparent way while building a public reputation within our brand. We will be the first truly self sustainable ridesharing service in the world and invite you to be a part of what we are doing. We love to drive with passengers and without, hang out with friends and talk about cryptocurrency.


About Chasyr

Chasyr was founded by Tommy Marquez, who was an Uber driver himself for 2 years.
He was known as the "referral king" for Uber in his area, because he promoted the business and had countless of other drivers sign up through him.
Tommy quickly learned the benefits of the ridesharing industry, but also noticed which improvements could be made.
He then got introduced to blockchain technology by becoming an advisor for Swarm City, also nicknamed the "Craigslist of Ethereum".
And that's when he realized that combining Uber with Blockchain could create a totally new platform that offers unique benefits and has the ability to disrupt the ridesharing industry once again.

Reputation system

The most important part about the Chasyr platform is the rating system - the five-star reputation is the pride of every Uber driver.
Chasyr wants to extend this system even more: all rides and ratings are saved on the blockchain, so users will be able to view the whole record of their driver before hiring them.
In return, drivers will also be able to see how many successful rides their client has already completed.

Cryptocurrency in Chasyr

Chasyr will not create their own tokens, but instead cooperate with the meta platform swarm city. Swarm city is a decentralized sharing economy on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Buying these tokens within the Chasyr app will be similar to buying upgrades for a game which has its own coins - and the tokens will be needed to request rides.
The native currency of swarm city is the SWT token, currently valued at around $1.60 .

No Driver Referrals needed

A very successful concept within the Uber platform are the driver referrals.
Drivers can earn a bonus whenever they refer a new driver to Uber.
In Chasyr, this isn't necessary - drivers are rewarded with tokens, and therefore hold a share of the company at an early stage.
So these early adopters are automatically incentivized.

Simply stated, the more transactions that happen on Chasyr or in Swarm City in general, the more valuable the SWT token becomes. We believe Chasyr will be a huge part of history related to the Blockchain because of this and know that this will be the reason we will be able to go up against giants like Uber.

Future Outlook

So what's next for Chasyr ?

The app obviously isn't available yet, so we will have to be patient until Chasyr can actually be used. since the project was only just announced in July.
But you can already sign up on their website as driver, and over 400 users from 80 different cities have already done so.

“This is only the beginning of our challenging journey, but with the experience I have gained by getting waist deep into learning the power of blockchain and decentralized networks, I feel very up to the task.”
— Tommy Marquez

What do you think about the concept of Chasyr? Will ridesharing be the next industry that Blockchain Technology revolutionizes?

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Incredible how fast technology is developing. We have reached such an exponential growth already. And cryptocurrencies are leading the field of financing the future.

Swarm City is surging! I bought some at $5 :(

@sirwinchester - This is an amazing adaption, combining the need for very accessible transport with the need for transparency of performance and a very convenient, simplified digital currency base. The fact that drivers will get incetivised through the blockchain, since they will have ownership stakes is great because it takes out the edge of competitiveness for earning more money among drviers and they in turn will be more focused on customer service. I really like the concept and hope it spreads to other areas of service industry such as parcel delivery and food delivery etc.

Thank you for the heads up on this interesting combination of technologies. Cheers. Upvoted.


Cryptocurrency is out of sight!!! I love seeing miracles. Life is a miracle. Thanks for the post.

Off the charts amazing!!!! Invest in ALL coins!!!

Following you! Follow me back?! :)

Great post

Thank you for this info @sirwinchester!

The way Uber is imploding, Chasyr has a wide open lane forming.

True. They have a great opportunity right now

I'm an Uber driver. i still do it part time while looking at crypto. I'm not sure if this will be so big in L.A. I still think a lot of people doubt the potential of crypto. thanks for this post! It's useful for me.

nice post, resteem

great content! i am esteeming you for that! i think people should be aware about this great news! thanks @sirwin! i am following you too!

Is this the same ride sharing storefront that the swarm city team is working on or will it be a separate competing app?

This is so exciting! I love watching businesses evolve around crypto currency! Thank you for sharing :)

Shout out to Swarm City :) :)

Support me and enter here your collaboration is important @gr3g0r Follow Me!

Nice post 👌


Is this a new black blockchain or using an existing platform?

nice post upvoted, resteemed and followed
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Dear @sirwinchester nice article about the Uber
I have got bundle of information from your article good post great work
Thanks for sharing the details.

@sirwinchester You have a great blog kudos, i saw your steemit cmercial had to check you up. About chasyr i kind of go with @kevbot on the fact that people still doubt the potential of cryptocurrency in many parts of the world. Thanks for sharing the post.

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The new technology of cryptocurrencies will disrupt lots of fields.

Who doesn't know yet: epicenter is a great podcast within this topic area.

Great post, I will resteem it after that comment.

If you missed the big point it - it is built on top of You could buy in #SWT via bittrex