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Having been founded in July 2017 with a mission to foster financial inclusion to Malaysia, SINEGY witnessed first hand the resistance to, and slow adoption of innovative technologies in Malaysia and neighbouring nations.

South East Asia was, and still is, rapidly falling behind the rest of the world in key areas such as Fintech, A.I. and blockchain technology.

Despite the recent efforts and good intentions of Bank Negara Malaysia with their Fintech sand box framework, there remains a clear need for private capital investment into blockchain technology and cryptocurrency infrastructure in South East Asia - or else see the rest of world race even further ahead in this exciting new asset class.

SINEGY began its journey by delving into the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, establishing relationships and connections to the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses.

Leveraging these new connections and the founding team's financial and trading experience, the company set up an arbitrage trading operation to take advantage of the fact that there is no unique global price for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Buying various cryptocurrencies where supply was plentiful (e.g. Europe) and selling where it was in demand (e.g. Malaysia), SINEGY was able to profit from the inefficiencies in the global market.

As the 2017 bull run turned into a dangerous bubble and the constantly evolving global market became saturated with new 'get-rich-quick' entrants, SINEGY realised it had to look to the future.

Having built up credibility and expertise in the space, the company refocused its efforts and re-invested its capital into developing technology.

As a Malaysian company, SINEGY focused on the needs of the Malaysian market and set about building a safe and regulatory compliant environment for Malaysian traders to conduct their cryptocurrency trading activity.

Having observed and traded on virtually every exchange in the global ecosystem, SINEGY's vision was to incorporate the best practises of existing exchanges, add unique proprietary features, and be fully compliant with traditional financial regulations before they even come into force.

What do you get when you add GEMINI + BINANCE?

= SINEGY's Marketplace

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I must say that there are still quite a bit of mindsets that needs to be renewed before crypto currency is accepted as a proper ecosystem than just rich quick schemes; which is unfortunately becoming a boon for many wannabee startups to get people invest and tries to get away of it.

This is a very unfortunate case for S.E.A but I am glad that you guys are still pushing forward.

upvoted 100% (although I know it isn't much)


We agree with you @littlenewthings. We hope to educate and raise awareness for cryptocurrency through facts and workshops, together with our competitors and the crypto community!

Thank you for the comment and upvote, you may believe that it isn't much but it means a lot to us.