Is Bitcoin Going To Explode Again? WARNING: Do not fully trust me! See The Trend!

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Bitcoin crashed really-really hard from January to May 2018. From whooping 10000$-12000$/btc to around 6000$/btc this July. I was one of the player who got hit really bad. Because of my stupid decision and panic, I forgot number one rule of bitcoin: ALWAYS HODL.

I buy bitcoin when the price is about 8000$ because I think the bounce will happen after that, but my prediction was wrong, and the bitcoin kept down and down until when it touched 6000$, I was really afraid and sold almost half of my bitcoin. Luckily, I still keeping the half of it, because it looks like the trend of bitcoin will explode again in the end of this year.

Make Bitcoin Great Again

The steady positive trend is starting to accelerate again just like September last last year when suddenly in just 3 months bitcoin price surged from 3000$/btc peaked at 19.000$/btc in mid-December 2017. If we see the pattern, this time MAYBE is the repetition of last year, for the first half year there are many ups and down. But for the 5 months before the year end, the bitcoin price starts to surge. If the history is the mirror, my prediction is there will ups and down of price around 8000-9000$ in August, this is the best time for considering buying a bitcoin*. Around September until December many predicts that bitcoin will surge up until 10.000$/btc, this is the most conservative prediction. Because remember last year Bitcoin was rocketing from 3000$ as its benchmark, now the benchmark is about 6000$/btc. So, there is possibility we will see the great surge in bitcoin that maybe even larger than last year

In the end, buying or selling bitcoin is about trust your own guts and to answer that you have to ask yourself is bitcoin going to be the future?

*Please invest carefully, and please consider your own risk.

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