Use PRESEARCH and earn tokens for your searches

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If you haven't been using Presearch instead of google as your default search engine, it's time to consider moving now. Presearch is the first decentralised search engine powered by its users. This Canada-based organisation uses blockchain and uses tokens to incentivise its users. Currently in a beta version and gaining popularity among the blockchain community, Presearch is an amazing way to do your search.

Presearch has been in use since 2013 as an internal tool by the organisation. The Beta version was launched on 9th of November and in open Beta form since early this week. The price for each PRE token is AUD.2991. You get PRE .25 for each search you conduct on the website. Users can start redeeming rewards token towards the end of this quarter.

Some big weights in the blockchain community has thrown their weight behind the project. Anthony Di Lorio, co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of Jaxx, has endorsed Presearch and is currently on their advisory board. Founder of Blekko Rich Skrenta is also on the advistory board.

Googel's ban on ICO advertising has pushed the blockchain community towards Presearch recently. Google controls 77% of total searches and raises billions of dollars of advertising revenue. In 2017, Google's advertising revenue was $95.4 billion. Indirectly they also influences decisions worth trillions.

Presearch users and the search engine's popularity are growing by the day. Presearch raised over $12 million from its token sale in November. PRE has a market cap rank of 207. PRE has 1 billion maximum supply of tokens out of which 155 million tokens are in circulation. The company is soon planning on launching a referral programme and the aim is to have 100,000 users on the open beta version.

So jump in guys. It's time to challenge the might of google through Presearch. Have a look at my rewards page. I've done a couple of searches through it since yesterday and I've earned some rewards that can be used for advertising. I'm quite positive that there will be a market place within the presearch in the future and one can redeem these points to buy stuff. That is if you don't want to convert it to fiat.

Good luck with Presearch!

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When we can redeem those tokens?
I have collected 248 tokens till date

It says Q2 2018

Yes that's right.Q4. But more than that, why do you want to cash out. It's best to keep the tokens in here. Sooner or later there will be other verticals like Uber, Menulog that come up where u can use the tokens. Converting it to Fiat is not a good idea. Keep the project going by strengthening it..Let's see how it all evolves. It looks very interesting.

I went thr google
Recently many ppl purchased PRE coin/token as part of investment.. But the PRE turned out to b monkey project.. Does PRE stands for PRESEARCH or PRS stands for PRESEARCH?
Iam really confused plz help me out

It's PRE. :)

Wow unreal!! Thank you for sharing and go Canada! Proud to be Canadian :)
I’ll definitely be using preseasch now!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

ill be checking this out

OK i've checked it out. This genuinely seems too good to be true.. haven't found a catch yet...

yep, it's an amazing project. Looks like they will have inhouse market places and exchanges eventually to swap and buy stuff. It's leading to something very meaningful and community driven.

Looks like they're listed on a couple of exchanges

they are not on binance, coinspot and kucoin..these are three I use. apart from IR and Coinbase. What do you use?

I mainly coinspot and bittrex.

I've also used btcmarkets, cointree and shapeshift

Looks interesting. Will have to do some reading up on it over the weekend.

i also have this during their beta version.. already got 50 plus presearch coins..

Hey @sidsun
Wow another amazing looking blockchain project! I will check it out! :)