Dual Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 8GB VS Dual Rx 580 for ETH mining

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Hi Steemians,

I have setup Ethereum mining with my existing one Gigabyte 960 G1 4GB on my windows 10 PC and it gives me 2 to 4 MH/s but makes my PC unusable while I run the miner using claymore mining software.

So I am thinking to setup a dual configuration by buying either 2 1080TI or 2 Rx 580.

But I don't know which setup would generate more hash power with cost effectiveness. Also I would need a new PSU to support those cards I assume so can anyone suggest which one should I buy.

Also would it be worth mining and investing on those high end expensive cards instead of just investing in ethereum directly?

Thanks for your support guys.

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