Warning !!! Again Crypto Market Going Crash Today

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

Hey steemitian,
There have a warning for all of steemitian.I think all crypto market going crash today.You can see at coinmarketcap that all coin market are RED today.

Here you can also see that Bitcoin(BTC) already go down and it's prize is 7650 $. You also see that Ethereum(ETH) already going down also and prize is only 589 $ .

Same,all coin going down last 7 days,last 24 hours and last hours.

It's warning news for all of steemitian.

But don't don't worry all crypto market will rise soon.Just wait for big bounce price.

At last,i want to give thanks all of steemitian.If you want you can follow me and don't forget to upvote this post please.


16.000 btc was sold.I dont think it will go down more.

@steemek yeh,i also think it will up soon.

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Have a lovely day.
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