Update on Billionaire Token ICO - Almost 2 Million Coins Sold - Code Released to Github - Upcoming Exchange Listing

I have been following this ICO since before it went live.  The developer is very active on bitcointalk and in the Slack, has pushed updates to Github and is using portions of funds raised to secure listing on Cryptopia.  It is a smaller scale ICO, and in the realm of today's markets, I can understand the skepticism that people have surround Initial Token Offerings.  I will present the updates, and allow you to draw your own conclusions.  Many links will be provided for reference.

Super-Deflationary, Low-Supply ERC-20 Token

Here is my first post on Billionaire Token (XBL) before the ICO went live.  It has a maximum supply of 3,049,999 tokens and unsold coins in the ICO will be burned.  At this time, roughly 2 million of the coins have been purchased in the token sale.  Use case for the token is an in-game currency for the upcoming Billionaire Hold'Em Poker game.  A decentralized raffle with a burner function will be live at the end of the ICO, providing a use for the token immediately.  The smart contract will be self-sufficient, meaning that it will continue to run on its own devoid of any central authority.  

Raffle Code Released to Github

I am not a developer.  But I do appreciate when I see proof of work being completed. The latest version is in development, but this is much more progress than we see with other ICO's of similar marketcaps.  

Growing and Active Community

Under the radar type coins thrive when they have growing communities. After reading the whitepaper, browsing the website and the ANN, this is what convinced me to get involved.  Community members have created artwork, social media attention, written articles such as this one, and gotten to know each other in the Slack.  Yes, development is important, but the community is also.

Cryptopia Exchange Listing

The blockchain is transparent.  Funds are already being used to secure listing on Cryptopia.  In my opinion, it is the best of the lower volume exchanges.  Coins that are listed on Bittrex right after the ICO ends have large amounts of money.  It is not feasible for XBL to be listed there at present time.  But, it shows promise that the team is deciding to move immediately to Cryptopia, skipping all the lesser known ones like Yobit or Nova. 

The Roadmap

From a holders perspective, XBL has enough activity at this time to cast away my suspicions about the legitimacy of this project.  How do other ICO projects compare with communities and development?  From a traders perspective, Cryptopia listing and the low-supply + deflationary mechanism + ICO bonus's could equal short term profits. Factor in the burn mechanism and use case, and ask yourself do you see this coin rising or falling in value?

An Original Meme for the Occasion 

Additional Links and Places of Interest

Billionaire Token ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2065888.0

Block Explorer:  https://etherscan.io/token/0x49aec0752e68d0282db544c677f6ba407ba17ed7

Official Website:  https://billionairetoken.com/

Github:  https://github.com/billionairetoken/TokenCore

Slack Invite:  https://billionairetoken.herokuapp.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/billionairetoken/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BillionaireTkn

Official Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/BillionaireTkn/


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I was too much of a wimp to invest in the ICO. Althought the ICO bonuses alone would have made the coin worth it, I still want to see it in action before I dive in. I hope the coin pans out and other coins look towards a possible deflationary model.


Yea, it is a pretty cool concept. Watch for it on Cryptopia. I think there is still a week or so left in the ICO.

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Aren't we pushing this crypto currency market too far? what would happen if every programming team starts its own ICO? wouldn't the price of all currencies drop dramatically?


Possibly. The market has a way of flushing out the coins with no future. It's one the biggest advantages of having a free market. Could it flood the market? Sure. But all of them cannot be successful.

So why do they specify that US citizens cannot purchase these tokens? Just curious.