Trading Strategies in One Sentence + News on the Crash - from 4chan/biz

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We have seen the greatest FUD of the season come to stall the driving bull that is crypto.  That's well and fine.  But what are the professionals over at /biz saying about this recent market correction?  Don't worry, I shall share their exceptional advice and expertise with all of you!  


Coinbase is a Scam

Cash by snail mail is the payment method of choice here.  Best believe that I've been waiting on this damn mailman forever now to bring me my physical copies of 14 btc's I bought at the all-time-high . . where the heck is that guy?  I ask everyday and get the same response.  

Do you have your transaction id?   

What an asshole

The Art Industry is a Front for Money Laundering

I guess if someone decides to sell you something at a ridiculous price, you are obligated to pay it . . makes a strange sort of comical sense.  

Trading Strategies in One Sentence

Makes decisions with very little research done and then stick to those decisions

Dear readers, this sums up my beginning in crypto with pin point accuracy . . and I'm sure many of you as well.  The buy, hodl, and pray method; I heard that the response to those queries from the market is quite silent.  I guess people who use that tactic must keep the faith.

The idea of exponential optimism as a way to shape reality is a philosophers dream.  Either way, whatever works must be done.  I would never have known, if not for perusing the intellectual kingdom of the /biz.

That bottom strategy is actually a really fantastic for low-marketcap shit coins.  SCORE for this /biz contributor.  It happens all too often on exchanges like Nova.  Someone catch this guy in the Yobit Trollbox.  I'm sure he's there now, shilling away at how AMS coin is doing a swap, burning unswapped tokens, and implementing Masternodes.  He says that he has already contacted HighOnCoins and Suppoman and that they will be pumping the coin within minutes of you buying it.  

Do not fret!!  The volume is only 1 btc for the day and the spread is 50 percent.  But you must market buy from the sell side!  No one will dump on you.  Curb your obscene desire for greed and get in on this pump!

The story of about 80 percent of the people involved in crypto . . no not you guys.  I would never say that about you guys.  It's always the Facebook and YouTube people who do this.  

Another Day of Crypto Hodling, Another Day of 4chan/biz

Hope you guys see the fun in this stuff.  Just surfing that page gets me dying sometimes.  

I'll leave you with this: 

Yes.  It most certainly is.

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