Stratis Identity Beta Release Today - Update on Breeze Wallet in 48 Hours - Price Responds

A huge news release by the Stratis team today has me pretty excited.  I have held Stratis for quite some time.  It is one of my largest positions.  It appears like they are not stalling any longer on the much anticipated Breeze Wallet.

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Android Release is Available on Google Play

The latest Tweet caused a flurry of buying.

It's great time to be holding some Stratis.  Price responded almost immediately after the two tweets went out.

There is still much room to grow in price.  The buyers weren't that interested the last couple months and as a result, we saw a significant decline.

Beautiful W in On Balance Volume

The Same W is RSI

Perfect momentum signals that price was going to jump.  The news was the spark that set the buyers aflame and reignited the coin.

Stratis is Still in the Reload Zone of the Entire Chart

Things are looking up!

In another Tweet, the Breeze wallet will also be fully updated in 48 hours

Link to the daily chart:


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Thanks for sharing the information you made me want to learn more about this project.


You are welcome sir.

Thanks for this info, now I now what coin should i buy and hold ^_^


HAHA, yea, Stratis is one I'm holding for long term. I am more of a trader, but there are some diamonds in the rough out there. Stratis, STEEM, WAVES, EXP, XBY . . and of course BTC and ETH.

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Thanks for the great analysis.

stratisplatform Stratisplatform tweeted @ 18 Sep 2017 - 20:01 UTC

#StratisIdentity Beta Release is now available on Google Play, IOS coming…

stratisplatform Stratisplatform tweeted @ 18 Sep 2017 - 19:12 UTC

Release of Stratis Identity app and full update on the Breeze Wallet in 48 hours #bitcoin #stratis $STRAT $BTC……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Stratis has gone down since I bought them.
Hope the price is up; I'll sell and buy some Steem. ;)

Thanks for the useful information @shawnfishbit!.

good reporting