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RE: ICOs have devastated cryptocurrencies as a whole

I understand this argument . . but this is pure, unregulated Capitalism at its finest. There is so much money floating around, made by people who are now quite wealthy because of investing in crypto early . . who basically can throw tons of ETH around like it's nothing.

I think that education is best weapon against scammy ICO's. I prefer that approach over State regulation of some kind. There are some projects that people invest in just wanting to do a quick flip for a 2-5x gain.

Has it hurt the ecosystem? Maybe. But in my opinion, we really can't fault the system. I agree with you wholeheartedly, what is at fault is people's greed.

Educate people and allow them to make their own decisions with their money. If people are scammed, I'm not all for that. But if people choose to invest in ICO's, I see no problem with that either.

Eventually, I think it will die down, as we really are in an ICO bubble. Great post. Thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, I would not want regulation, a change has to come from attitudes, not from being forced on anyone.

I'm hoping it was a fad and it's passed now, and everyone looks back and feels a bit silly, like fidget spinners.

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