Proof of Stake Wallet (POSW) has Unveiled an Ambitious Roadmap and New Website - Looks great from both a Fundamental and Technical Point of View

A few months in crypto can change the entire dynamic and feel of a token. Recent developments and updates for POSW have caused a surge in volume.  The overall attitude in the community is one of excitement and eagerness. From my perspective, if these roadmap milestones are hit, Proof of Stake Wallet has the potential to be a contender in the field. believes staking as a service will be a major and critical piece of the blockchain ecosystem as it emerges into the mainstream and touches the average everyday consumer. PoSW aims to give users an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which performs the various actions and specific functionalities that these coins hold… 

There is a clear problem and a proposed solution.  Ease of use is imperative in drawing new people into the ecosystem.  PoSW aims to be the driving force for the "everyday consumer."

Roadmap milestones have already been achieved.  If the team has completed these tasks, and have revitalized the community after the long down trend from their all-time high, then I see no reason why PoSW cannot return to previous satoshi levels.

Roadmap milestones reached

This was no easy task, I am sure.  Given the negative stigma attached to the coin, I respect the team members who stuck it out and worked hard on their project.  It looks like all the work done behind the scenes has culminated in what we are now seeing today.  No project is without trials. In my opinion, PoSW has faced them and is on their way to declaring victory on the other side.

The next goals on the roadmap

I see no reason that these will not be achieved.  Multiple developers were added to the team recently. The community is growing again.  I will be watching the progress closely.  

Why am I interested in POSW?  

They already have Ledger support.  This alone is good news for the coin. The roadmap is ambitious.  Very detailed.  We can see exactly what the goals of the team are.  Registrations for the POSW site will reopen on October 1st.  I am a member of their Slack and the team is active and responds to questions in a timely manner.  

Lets take a look at it from a technical point of view for a moment.  Here is the daily chart of POSW on Cryptopia.

You can clearly see the amount of volume pouring in at this time.  There is much room to grow here in price. Give me a coin with solid fundamentals, increasing volume, and a long channel of inactivity in price movement . . and, well, I hope you can see my point.  

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down below.

New Website:

POSW Slack invite:

POSW daily chart:

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Your post is always worth reading. Thanks for sharing such great post with us.

hey thats pretty cooL! i have a POW wallet but they got hacked, or had a "breach" so they told me to withdraw my coins!had to withdraw the POW wallet coin to Cryptopia as it was only exchange i had that accepted the POSwallet coins! i sold the like $#1 worth of poswallet for litecoin,

iu had a bunch of cool POS coins but they all had to be "liquidated" and they gave me poswallet for em, out of safety io guess, i hope they fix security, i mean i didn't lose any money, i just had to loose the coins i had like reddcoin etc, i had a bunch they made me sell em, and withdraw, i hope POS or proof of STAKE gets REAL big!

i know steem blockchain is a DELEGATED proof of STAKE so its a form of proof of stake or related to proof of stake in a way

anyway i love stee,it its not too good to be true because lots of talented people work hard to make it come true


Indeed . . STEEM is a form of proof of stake. A great system, really. That's why we are all still here!

As far as POSW, from what I understand, the issues with security have all been resolved and registration will reopen on the 1st of October. The team worked quite hard to make sure that coins were returned to their owners.

Any funds that were transferred out were replaced by the PoSW team. We must always be diligent about security! I am glad that you did not lose any coins.

POS coins are wildly popular right now. This will allow a user to have one area to stake them all, rather than keeping track of a bunch of wallets on their home pc.

Great insight into a token I have otherwise missed. I love doing POS as it makes me not keep a close eye on the value tied to the token but the amount of token I have. The end game is the most tokens, not their values.


I appreciate your comment. And you are right. I believe long term, many of the solid tokens will go up in value. Especially the ones providing a real use case. It makes me pretty excited to be holding some PoSW at this time.


If you could be so friendly to point me in the right direction, wich POS´s do you like? and maybe why? :) i am also interested in the POS concept.


Hi. This is a good article explaining POS and gives a rundown of the different coins. You get rewards for "staking" your coins on the network. These can range anywhere in the range of 3-10 percent a year, maybe more for Masternodes. Much, much more than you would receive in a bank. The payouts are received in the currency you are staking. For example, if you are staking Stratis, the payouts would be in Stratis. Some popular POS coins are Pivx, Nav, and POSW.

Just talked about it here as well
Just with less detail

Such an intresting project.


Lucas Malabarize-se


Thank you for your comment. Your link is relevant too! Yes, I think that POSW and DOT are both good choices. POSW is already hitting 3k sats and I really don't see any reason that it will not continue to go up in value. The team is doing a great job imo and I only see upside from here.


same here, it's only the beggining with website reopening on the 1st of oct.


Yes. I believe that POSW will only go up in value.

Whats nice is with the roadmap, while it may be ambitious its going to be achievable because they recently acquired a fair amount of new devs to the posw team.
This should lead to a very productive upcoming year.


I agree with your assessment. Given the progress we are seeing now, it looks like good things are in the works with PoSW.

Great news, I like posw and thinking to buy some

Great article, Tanks

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Thats a AWESOME plan to follow.