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in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Hi everyone,

Another ICO Promotion Before The Money Fight

After seeing Floyd Mayweather promote another ICO, the question came to me if crypto is ready for mass adoption.

In General

ICOs and cryptocurrencies being promoted all over by top entrepreneurs, millionaires, billionaires, athletes, stock analysts and so on. There is so much happening in the crypto world. We've effectively provided a way to exchange digital value without interference from governments.

My Prediction

I'm predicting for mass adoption late this year. If not this year, then it's very likely next year. Crypto is the future. In fact, when the Stox platform is released, I'll be making a prediction on this. Gotta love crypto.

When Do You Think Crypto Will Get Mass Adoption?

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No one really knows how to do a great cryptocurrencies ICO. This stuff is all beta testing. With a lot of ICO's being scams or run by amateurs, this will give the out of the crypto professional left with a bad taste in their mouth. Then they will write bad reviews about crypto. But then again I could be wrong.


That could possibly happen. I don't see any ICO getting seriously bad reviews till next year.

I think Cryptos will get MASS adoption when a company makes it MASSIVELY EASIER to get into them. It's still a bit complicated for average peeps to setup accounts, provide id, transfer fiat, understand exchange/coin/token ratios, yada yada. It'll happen but the road will be bumpy in the next 2 years.


Hmm the barrier to entry still exists. Good thing some coins provide direct debit to buy their coins.