Finally...The Global Exchange With Extremely Low Fees | Beats Kraken, Bittrex and Poloniex Fees!

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Best described as a Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange with up to 10x lower fees than most exchanges due to release in October 10th 2017.

Best Features

  • Extremely Low Fees
  • 98% of Funds Kept in Cold Storage
  • Fluid User Experience
  • Very Transparent
  • Consistent API

Why Bother?

I honestly think it's about time we get an exchange that deals with lower fees and less restrictions. There have been times I didn't want to put my coins into an exchange due to deposit/withdrawal fees.

Security has always been a concern in cryptocurrency exchanges as there are reports about missing and stolen coins. Some users on top exchanges have fallen victim to this and based on the volume, it's not something you would expect often.

It's a great thing that it's global as that will promote a more active market and more importantly, there are no identification process/checks and personally I can see a good reason for it as it drops the barriers for those wanting to trade and not reveal their identity.

I'm definitely curious about WCX as we haven't seen that much yet and they have a strong team consisting of members from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM. As of now, the WCX team is active on Twitter and BitcoinTalk, plus you can interact with the team on those networks.


  • Beta Launch. 9.1.17
  • ICO. 9.9.17
  • Launch. 10.10.17
  • I18n. Dec 2018
  • Mobile Apps. Jan 2018
  • Margin Trading. Mar 2018
  • Fiat Integration. Q2 2018
  • Wallet Decentralization. Q3 2018

Most crypto roadmaps are never specific about releases and thankfully this exchange project is specific about this year's releases.

Why Are They Doing an ICO?

WCX is a ERC20 token and the team is sharing 20% of their generated revenue with token holders and holders are paid out according to their amount. For the ICO, 10 WCX is equivalent to 1 USD and will begin September 9th 2017.

50 Free Tokens ($5) - Limted Time Offer

You can get 50 free tokens now before the ICO begins just by signing up - Click Here To Sign Up - WCEX.CO



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In addition, the sign ups on their site is going through the roof. It's past 99,000 now and it won't be long for it to hit 100k. Extremely smart marketing by them.