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by Sean, SGTreport.com:

This is a response to my friends Jsnip Joe, Bix Weir and Andy Hoffman regarding their reactions to my latest CONVERSATION with ITM Trading's Lynette Zang in which we discuss the new ACChain blockchain and the bankster's goal to chip, track, trace and own EVERYTHING on the planet.

Thanks for tuning in.


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Thanks for tuning in.

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Hey Sean.
The 'reaction' was expected; basic Operant Conditioning, BF Skinner & Imprinting in Psychology, Konrad Lorenz /Behavioral Psychology 101.
Quack-Quack....gotta laugh.
The cryptos vs precious metals are like comparing cyber-sex & bonefide sexual intercourse; imaginary vs real. When you know you're gonna get screwed(ie by banksters&fiat).
The question is, "How do you wanna do-it?";Physically lying down/standing up or in front of a digital screen.
I myself prefer the real thing.
Without a doubt, the NWO wants us to 'go all-in digital'. Therefore, the cryptos should NEVER be given a full pass.
ALL Angles must be considered.
You Sean are doin' that! Kudos.
Keep-up-the good work.
Thanks Once Again.
ps. Hope my comparisons gave some folks a chuckle.
Life is too short to despair & argue.
At my age, good health and happy children & grandchildren is what I value the most.

Diversify into both Cryptos and Precious Metals, and the fear will be gone

I think we should listen to this woman, and be careful with technology. She did not say, cryptos are bad, mmmk. She had some very interesting points. I might add one point. If we dive into crypto and stop bartering or trading paper money or silver and gold. The governments of the world could pass laws that could be dangerous. Overnight they could use the internet to tax every bitcoin trade. They could go to the clearing houses being used and threaten jail unless every trade has a use tax. I am no expert, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but when it comes to the government and criminality, I say be afraid, very afraid. Anywho, that's my two cents worth. Thank you for always sharing such mind engaging info SGT.

They have already enslaved humanity with fractional reserve banking.

@sgtreport I am glad that Bix and Jsnip4 are friends of yours as am I. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to. On a lighter note I just got back from my Local Coin Store and did a little trade of 1/2 Oz. of Gold for 35 Silver Bars 1 Oz. that had some Oldies but Goodies in the lot. I do like all that Silver for the Gold. Got an Incredible Score on a couple of Silver pieces yesterday, I should make a video on that.........UP Voted and STEEM On Sean !!

Thanks a ton stokjock. Good gold to silver trade too IMO, thanks for the upvote!

Silver in my opinion is better than gold right now especially at this ratio..........

Cheers sean i think we should be open minded and be able to look at it from both sides, i enjoued your video yesterday , we cant just be expected to like content that tickles the ears, it is good to see things from all points of view

First ACChain video was a little creepy to me. Why use the word 'Kingdom'? It does not seam to fit with decentralized, as most cryptos purport to be. Why show a brief pentagram layout of 5 separate features if the narrator describes only three key features? What is with all the off world imagery (satellites perhaps) linking the billions of people on the surface, little Orwellian there?
The second ACChain video release is even worse, with all the pyramids, and trans humanism imagery. Wheres the beaches and Coronas', aren't we supposed to get wealthy doing nothing with this technology?

that imagery alone is enough to make me avoid this coin.

One wonders that the abbreviation for mostly all cryptos is 3 letters as are the abbreviations for current currencies. One wonders too that abbreviating it ACC puts it alphabetically at the top of the all cryptos. Coincidence?

Hi Sean, I thought your interview with Lynette was one of the most eye opening and revealing that I've seen in a while. It fits perfectly with the global war on cash, the talk of the IMF moving to China, fiat to crypto after the reset, global currency, etc.
I've always believed that cryptocurrencies are the way of the future, but don't believe that tptb will allow financial transactions without extracting their pound of flesh. "they" will control it in the end.

Looking forward to updates.

dmud, I'm posting an interview with Jsnip and Brad Peters about all of this, later tonight. Trying to clear the air!

Sean, great that you posted this video as a response. These guys had no cause to come at you like they did for stating some very clear and valid points on the danger of cryptos being hijacked by NWO elements.

I am willing to go significantly further in my views on Jsnip and Bix on these topics. I believe they are caught up in the crypto "religion" and can't see the forest for the trees. I would even go further to say that they don't think for themselves at all these days, but pretty much blindly follow the "Church of Clif". I know that's a harsh thing to say, but every time I listen to them, it's just rehashing Clif's reports and thinking. No contrarian views allowed. I also think that their greed in making money with the cryptos is blinding them as well to the fact that some of the cryptos have very nefarious objectives, and that all of us need to think very carefully about this with each and every crypto that we purchase. We vote with our money in this regard.

I've written a few posts on the symbolism of the cryptos lately as I suppose you've already seen. (The first one on Pillar is here.) I really suggest that you read all of these posts if you haven't already. My key point is that Luciferians telegraph their control, from corporations to coins, through either direct messaging or symbolism that they give out on a regular basis. Whether people want to have their comfortable slumber disturbed by identifying and acting on this blatant messaging and symbolism is a different point. I think Bix, Jsnip, Andy, and Clif (who is not yet mentioned here) all have blinders on and are in denial of this fact. The only question I have at some point is whether the denial is on purpose or not. I certainly don't want to assume that, but at some point this question must come up. There IS infiltration in the truther community - we all know this, but there are also "useful idiots". Which are which is always to be assessed.

Again, job very well done in addressing one of the most critical issues in the cryptos space these days. Keep up the great work.

Even friends disagree from time to time.
Stay strong and keep fighting the real enemies.
Seems like one of these is brewing?


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