A Crypto To Watch Out For: LWF (Local World Forwarders)

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The First Decentralized Logistics Platform in the World

If you know me well in the crypto industry, you may know I am always picky about getting too excited about a crypto easily. I believe firmly in this space to really do some serious research before investing in anything. Feel out that community behind a project and if ever possible, reach out to the dev team to see what the common goal is. With that said, for the first time in a long time all these factors have meshed in a very fast positive way for me after looking more into an upcoming crypto called LWF (https://www.lwf.io) that I recently found out about.

Think about what makes a crypto useful, add in a factor of a needed industry that can thrive better with blockchain technology and you might find out that LWF is one of the rare ones providing a real use case and utility for the world. These guys are building a important blockchain system for logistics, with hopes to upgrade that industry into the modern age and by the way the team is, I believe these guys will do that easily.

Here is a breakdown of what LWF is doing for their project:

The LWF DPoS Blockchain

LWF host a DPoS system will allow users to have a distributed and secure system in which it is possible to allocate all the data on their P2P platform of logistics.

Their BlockChain is designed in order to contain data on shipments, handling, disputes and feed backs, parcel handling, invoicing and administration of the logistics company; all this functions in a fast and legally valid way thanks to the System based on the Opentime Stamps Notarization (OSN).

This level of decentralization will bring a number of advantages that will surely give value to the LWF Coin itself:

The system is not localized, it is located on the blockchain, which is geolocated across all network nodes that allow the operation. This makes it immutable by hackers, viruses or sabotage by competitors.

Privacy & Notarialization:
Data will be protected by an encryption system that will only allow the owner of the company (or who has got the key to read encryption) to read the data contained in the blockchain.
In addition to this, with the Opentime Stamps system, you can certify the time, date, and certainty of the data giving it legal value.

201 delegates and 51 votes available, make the LWF DPoS system truly democratic.

Just few seconds to send and confirm a transaction within a forged block.
The LWF Blockchain will be used not for logistics-data only, but as a crypto currency with real world uses.

My Reasoning For Getting Involved Early On This One

By the early growth I am seeing already on the LWF Slack alone, I can tell that these guys are on the right path to success. Investors in crypto have been inundated with so many projects lately with no real utility around them but the moment I seen that LWF not only is taking what we do in shipping up a few notches but the Delegated POS system really intrigues me and seems to form fit this concept and style of crypto very well.

....Mark my words here, this probably will be a attractive crypto for more adult and business minded investors

In an industry like ours here in crypto, we need people and projects that provide change, help an industry that could use updates and coins like LWF with goals to also provide job making concepts is something I have longed for in crypto for quite awhile.

So feel it out for yourself, LWF is now with open doors to investors, community members, and a definitely communicative team who will help break down their plans for the future.

You can join their community on Slack @ bitly.com/lwfSlack

For more information their Slack is a great resource for one on one communication but you can also venture to their official site (https://www.lwf.io) or you can read their White Paper here: https://www.lwf.io/docs/lwf_whitepaper_en.pdf


LWF does have an open opportunity for investors which is now live with multiple options for securing your position with them. Feel free to do so on their website or go here to sign up directly: https://www.lwf.io/en/login

If you want a crypto with real utility and promise, I think you won't have to go much further than LWF for that, looks very promising and I hope to see this one help bring the logistics industry to the Blockchain.


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Yupper, still alive just been so insanely busy that I can't really get to this personal account much anymore lol. Awesome to see you taking on a project like that, just followed. We been working still hard with Visio, taking on a few side gigs and now working on a full crypto marketing firm, getting a business license for it here in Florida and website being created as we speak lol. Doing so well its insane, life is definitely not going to be the same after next year I believe lol. Whats been good with you? Got to catch us up sometime.

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Crazy timing to see this...I literally met some people who were working on a similar project just a couple of days ago

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