Purchased Factom (FCT)

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Taking a dive into Altcoins this evening and purchased FCT. Hopefully I don't get burned with it! Looks like they have some good things cooking.

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I had somebody ask me about FCT weeks ago. I advised them to buy in 1\3rds and NOT all once. Let me see if I can find the thread...


Very good point! Buying in tranches with anything is smart. Especially something with as much volatility as cryptos. Following you!

Have 35 Factom in my wallet... One of the most consistent and steady alt-coin so far in my possession, with KoreCoin.


I have not heard of KoreCoin. I need to do some research on it!


what wallet do you use for FCT?
I've been waiting for Exodus wallet to add it. They said as soon as Factom updates there software to 2.0 (or whatever is the next version)they would add it. Don't know when that will be and in the meantime I've got it in exchange. Will check Korecoin.

Here's Factom's announcement regarding Exodus from March 2017

The Factom Foundation and Exodus have rescheduled the release of Factoid support within the Exodus wallet until the next update of the Factom Federation Network. The Factom Foundation has several new updates scheduled for Q2. - See more at: https://www.factom.com/blog/tech-update-factom-foundation-inc-and-exodus#sthash.qWjEKUd2.dpuf

I've tried emailing Factom 3x over the past few months but they never reply.