Is it too late to use Crypto Faucets? Week 18 analysis - Getting deeper in the numbers

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Can you still make money claiming from crytpo faucets? Week 18 of data analysis for my crypto faucet experiment. I started this because of typical fear of missing out,(if only I had started this, 6 months ago, a year ago it could be worth X). This is not your typical faucet post with "check out this faucet" (affiliate link). While these are my affiliate links, you will also see my transparency in reporting.

TL/DR: Lifetime Value: $27.80 (Up $2.31 from Week 16)--- Over 7,195+ claims $24.47. 96% of earnings are from my actions, 4% are from referral claims.

Week 15 - Over 404+ claims for a total of $1.25. 88% of earnings 12% ($0.14) are from referral claims.

Pie 18.JPG

Week 18 Breakdown

Personal ActionsValueReferralsValue
Faucet claims:$1.06Referrals claims: 65$0.14
Daily Bonus: 7$0.04
Offers Completed: 0$0.00
CoinPot Mining$0

Down week for me, I lost drive to claim and I was very focused on work. I was focusing on driving up my bonus on Freebtc... classic mistake I went bust again. Here are my weekly claims, clearly a down trend.

weekly 18.JPG

I spent more time on steemit and playing hi/lo than doing claims. I have managed to keep my loyalty bonus at 100% for the Moon faucets.

Here is a quick breakdown by coins and value for the week

CoinAmt ClaimedValue

There are 9 faucets I am using for this experiment, I only plan on adding more if CoinPot does. Honestly at this point it is hard to keep up with them all to maximize returns. Plus I start traveling for work, and I doubt airports and plane rides are conductive to reCaptcha.

Bonus Bit Coin

Lifetime Claim Data *(slight variance to total holdings due to missing claims in Coinpot data)

CurrencyFaucet ClaimsTotal Currency
BTCBonus Bitcoin Faucet Claim.00051982
BTCBonus Bitcoin Daily Bonus.00007012 Faucet..00029275 Hi/Lo(.00041757) *see below
BTCBitFun Faucet.00031840
BTCMoonBitCoin Faucet.00036707
LTCMoonLitecoin Faucet.01551691
DashMoon Dash.00265519
DogeMoon Dogecoin561
BCHMoon BCH.00049045
BTCBonus Bitcoin.00000080
Referrals Referral.00004158
BTCMoon Bitcoin.00006010
BCHCoinPot Mining.00002656
LTCCoinPot Mining.00005574
DASHCoinPot Mining.00019045

* Loses include referral commission and bonuses.

Getting your coins!

Coinpot has recently announced they are no longer to send deposits to Coinbase, but they have removed fees, and lowered withdrawal limits. From now on I will send the majority of my coins to my Ledger.

Conbase 18.JPG

Coinpot 18.JPG

Is it too late? Removing price volatility.

The graph below tries to remove the price volatility from my faucet claims results by using a static prices based on the price of the first day I started to claim from that faucet. That dip reset me to almost even, but it has climbed back to profit from the growing coin values. I love those dips to really crank up the faucet claims. They can be almost double on the dips.



Give me feedback below, if you actually read this.

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