CRAAAAZY Crypto market right now!!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago


The crypto market is absolutely popping off right now. Most of the coins are in green, very few are in red. Some are in red because they have already been up!

It has been a great time for the people involved in cryptocurrency in the past month or so. A lot of people were holding some coins and did not have faith after a few weeks since the market is very volatile. You have to remember that it is very risky and easy to lose money too.

The market cap is currently at an astonishing $124bln, I made a post a couple of days ago with some of the statistics of the market cap. It hasn't seem to drop as of yet, this was unexpected. BTC is at an all-time high! Will it keep rising?

Many people have made money on this blessed moment. Some have been holding strong through the bloodbaths that finally seemed to pass.

What are your thoughts on the future, short-term & long-term?

Keep steeming, keep succeeding!

To the mooon!

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