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As we all know by now, the Ethereum Classic is on a downtrend. This has lasted a while. Until now.


We have seen a strong support at the 15 USD line in the recent times, off which the price has bounced several times. This leads me to believe that ETC will have a strong and steady support at this specific point in the future as well. That is good news for the holders and people considering getting in to this coin at a good price.

So I see a bullish market from here on out, and I would suggest a buy level of $15,75 to $16.
Short term I would say $18-$20 sell level, but I can see it going even higher, maybe even break the $23 resistance we have seen a couple times. But for now it seems to be an okay range to trade in.

Disclaimer: My analysis is subjective and is based on personal experience with the market. I am not to be held responible for any loss or gain using my recommendations outlined in this post.


In the next month or so it is likely to fall and rise and fall and rise. but most likely it will overall fall because of the mass panic 1 Aug is going to cause. But beyond that I am not sure. ETH is about to go through some major changes which will see miners leave it in droves and likely move to ETC Eth Classic. I am not sure what effect that will have on the price but it will make the trade volume go up.

Yes. It can go down as well.
Thanks for pointing

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