Crypto is going to Mainstream of Payment in Few Years $$$$$

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How many articles we have read before why bitcoin price is rising , why it is a big asset now a days and why Cryptocurrency and blockchain is good for future ,

I want to mention some points here which truly convince you that bitcoin is going to mainstream of payment in coming years .

  1. They are overcoming of FUD and barriers

Cryptos are already fulfilling one of three fundamental principles of fiat money by acting as a store of value, while they still do not meet two other requirements; acting as a medium of exchange and serving as a unit of account.

2.More and more people are accepting Crypto currency as proof of payment .

  1. More Exchanges are making profit and listing more coins.

  2. 94% of people in the world know about bitcoin now.

  3. Any asset do not emerge over night , Bitcoin is in use since long and it will not take more than 10 years from now to see that accepting by local coffee shop.

  4. Bitcoin meet all the requirement now that fiat money has.

money has evolved significantly over time. The earliest forms were based on systems of barter and objects of value such as cowrie shells. Over time, these early ideas were replaced by coins, notes and payment cards. The rise of contactless and mobile payments is the most recent step.

What do you think Bitcoin will take place of Fiat currency ??

Send me your views .

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The future is very bright for crypto currencies. Only time will tell. When it does goes mainstream, it would become of extreme value especially bitcoin.