SCRIV first-week report

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Hello, cryptocurrency nation! I'm Lova - from SCRIV team. I like to tell you about main things happen in our project for the last week!


SCRIV NETWORK was borned at 10th of March at 20:00 UTC. We provided fair launch for everyone, as we planned, and it was extremely smooth. Our project was supported by Arcpool, GOS, Protopool, Tiny-Pool, Hashfaster, with a peak network hashrate at 340 Gh/s!


During this week SCRIV coin has been listed at:

  • - exchange, that is know by its fast transactions and responsive support. It always gives a chance to new and perspective cryptocurrencies to make it's first steps.
  • BarterDEX - fully decentralized exchange, powered by atomic swaps. It allows you trade and exchange coins directly from your own wallet.

    Buy SCRIV coin now:

    Graviex BarterDEX

Also, SCRIV coin joined the listing voting at and Please, help us to get listed there!

Vote for SCRIV listing:

Coinpulse BarterDEX


Since our coin is hard to mine during first month, we have concluded a partnership with They are providing automated shared masternode service.
If you have 100+ SCRIV, join them and start to receive passive daily income instantly.

If you like to track your SCRIV or other asset investment, you can use BitUniverse App. It's available for Android and iOS.


We are happy to have active members in our community. Quality and capacious content is always rewarded.

Thanks to Martin Hacks for our project review:

Thanks to Minerando na Rede for brief resources review and mining guide:

Thanks to for clear SCRIV network explanation a mining guide:

Thanks to for a mining guide:

Invitational and bug-hunt campaigns

17th of March we have finished Discord invitational campaign. The number of attracted members is realy huge - 3000+!
Community members with the most number of invites was rewarded with decent seats in shared masternode, running by SCRIV team.
The bug bounty campaign is still live. We are rewarding every participant that is helping us to develop quality services. It's possible to receive up to 3000 SCRIV for one bug found.


We are always looking for energetic and skilled persons to join our team. If you have design, programming, copyrighting, etc. experience and skills, please contact @shestovsk in Telegram. Probably, you are the one we are looking for, to be part of data verification revolution!

Still don't know what is SCRIV network? Read our Whitepaper!


For advertising, cooperation, etc - [email protected].