Cryptogene (Cryptocurrency startup in Nigeria)

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Hello, my name is Bashir Aminu. Founder of cryptogene (Startup in Nigeria). This is just a basic post to say : "Hey, I'm here". The concept of steemit is something I am fascinated about. Getting rewarded for creating good content is amazing. Steemit is basically unknown in Nigeria. And trust me, The potential there is awesome. A lot of my people waste their time on platforms like facebook. Reading up and writing about irellevant things that won't add value to their lives. I want them to realize that with steemit, they could actually make something out from the time they waste on social media. And actually get rewarded for it. I foresee Nigerians as the biggest users of steemit. I know there's a lot of negativity about Nigeria. The world basically knows as scammers and 419 artists. That's actually a huge misconception. The majority of Nigerians are good people. I know this because I've lived there all my life. It's just the few bad eggs that are giving us a bad name.

Most Nigerians use bitcoin for basically ponzis and HYIP. That's all they see to it. Cryptogene aims to change this. And I must say, we have found a lot of success so far. We aim to prove to the world that we're more than just scammers. And with cryptogene, we're doing just that. Expect more Nigerians here. And expect steemit to blow up in Nigeria. I've made it my mission to make sure that exactly that happens. Thanks :)

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Love you brother

nice write up. I actually had to search for relevant posts related to Nigeria on steem and i came across your write up. I'm fascinated by your mission and your start-up. would look you up some more.