Watch out for Sia coin everyone. And possibly Storj

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Decentralized cloud storage. What an idea right? Sia and Storj were one of the first alt coins I bought.


Sia splits apart, encrypts, and distributes your files across a decentralized network. Since you hold the keys, you own your data. No outside company can access or control your files, unlike traditional cloud storage providers.

Sia is on average ten times cheaper than current cloud storage services. 1 TB per months storage costs about 2$ month.

Highly redundant

Sia stores small pieces of your files on dozens nodes all around the world. This eliminates single points of failure and highest possible uptime.

It's also completely open source.


On Sia hosts compete for your business - which leads to the lowest possible prices. Renters pay using Siacoin, which can also be mined and traded.


Siacoin team is ranked number #5

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Sia had been pretty much idling the entire time I've own it. Not much movement. But decentralized cloud storage, where you don't have to put your files in the hand and custody of a third party WILL be the future. And Sia and Storj, or just one of them (I think Sia is leading the competition right now) will become HUGE.

Last couple of days Sia has risen to almost $0,1USD from $0,003 levels. I personally bought Sia at $0,006 - unfortunately for a very small sum. But even that small sum has gone more than 100x in that time and actually started to be a real lump of money.

If I had invested better into Sia, Sia alone would have made me a millionaire. Lesson learned, and I'm not investing that kind of small sums in any new cryptos.

Good news though, I think Sia could 10x on the long run - meaning in a year or two. Possibly this service could be worth in the hundreds of billions in the future - so this is a long term hodl.

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Don't take financial advice from me. Go to your local bankster and he will tell you how to wisely invest in the traditional market.


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nice project thnx my friend

Ooof I just sold 10,000 Siacoin for 5 cents yesterday :-X


I put the money to good use though and bought some Litecoin. I cant complain though I paid $0.007 for my coins and still have plenty left.

there's no harm investing the small sum you mention if you can afford to lose. Then again, x10 your money isn't such a bad idea at all.

bought some sia and have not regretted , it has been surging the last few days, and its technology is applicable going into the future. a decentralizes cloud storage is a great idea

Yes, it is a strong currency with a very large future, and everyone is united, so these days I expect more than $ 1 in this

@scandinavianlife I bought it while ago because it's Indirectly Privacy , I was Thinking Maybe Is The Next Coin That John Mcafee Will Talk About it .. cheaper & One Of The Undervalued Coins .. I make Big Profit in SC :)

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Haha, I just realized I also bought some sia with 4 bucks months ago when it was $0.004. I'll just hodl my 1000 sia until its worth $10 000, lol! So many coins that have made the same sudden gains recently, it's crazy. Silly crypto world!

Haha I did pretty much the same haha as soon as it reaches 1 dólar I’ll sell!

From pennies to riches 😁

Great to know that Thank you for sharing

Yes it's a digital currency based on hard work I've risen more than 80%
Everyone can see
Unquestionably, it will exceed $ 1 this year

I also bought at 185 satoshi small amount. Anyway happy to see price movement. Great to know that they have star dev team

I bought also SC but not enough :( but I think its not too late to Invest more :)

I would agree they have the potential to be sleeping giants. More more more.

I would agree they have the potential to be sleeping giants. More more more.

I bought siacoin about 8 months ago for next to nothing just been sitting in bittrex, glad to see it start to move

Good call on buying Sia coin, it's a pretty awesome use of the blockchain technology and storage is a market that is growing rapidly. Considering how much cheaper this alternative is I think like you say, it will still go much higher