FIRELOTTO - so was it a scam or not?

in #cryptocurrencylast year

Back in Jan 2018 I came across "FIRELOTTO", a few minutes into checking out their website I found out that it wanted our Private Keys, to participate...

I made a quick video to highlight the issue.

Sorry about the video quality and my poor speech, was half asleep, anyway, it seemed to cause a stir with their so called "CEO" choosing to engage with me in the comments...

Then another video was made to respond to my video...

I of course steered clear.

It seems that the company scrapped the Private Key request shortly after I exposed it.

Anyway, how is it doing now?

Personally I don't care how it is doing...

What I want to hit home is that we cannot rely on ICO rating websites in any way shape or form.


Look how ICOBench rated FIRELOTTO: