New coins in town - ZIBER, TNT

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Ziber is blockchain based system that will reduce cost of making phone calls. The idea is to use network of masternodes installed on servers all over the world and proxy servers. In this case proxy server is a smart phone with installed servers app. The owner of that phone will earn money buy relaying phone calls. When the caller makes a phone call trough an app installed on his device, the VOIP call is redirected to a blockchain. The masternodes will relay this call to a phone proxy close to a calling party. A lot of people have free minutes on their phones, this system will take advantage of  these. It will be possible to use Ziber for sending photos, videos and making video calls.

ICO has been started on 27th, July 2017.

For more info visit:


Tierion Network Token (TNT) is data verification platform. In the off-line world, important documents are safeguarded and notarized so everyone can prove their veracity. Till now, there where no system that will offer same thing for digital data. Tierion is offering a way of proving the authenticity of digital data. Companies in healthcare, insurance, and financial services will be main users of platform.

Tierion Token Sale has been started on 27th, July 2017.

Microsoft and Tierion are collaborating on this project.

For more info visit:


I am not an investment adviser of any kind. I'm just sharing info with you. When investing, have in mind the golden rule: "Never invest more then you can afford to loose". 

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