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WTT is an Ethereum token created by Giga Watt Project which has been started by Giga Watt Inc. (the USA based company that offers mining hosting services) and GigaWatt Pte. Ltd. (the Singapore based company that sells mining equipment all over the world). 

What you can do with WTT? 

1. You can use it to accommodate a miner equipment. The cost of accommodation will depend on miner power consumption. For example, if your miner uses 1250 watts of electricity you will have to pay 1250 + 10% = 1375 WTT

2. The second option is to rent your WTT to other users for profit. You can check here how much you can earn by renting you WTT.

Token launch ends on July 31st, 2017.

For more info visit:


Shadow Token  (not to be mixed with Shadow Project) is based on the Waves platform. It represents a share of ownership of the trading card game Shadow Era, digital assets, physical card inventory and intellectual property, but it does not represents a company share.

Shadow Era is a well known game that has more than 4.7 million accounts, $2.7 million in revenue, current physical inventory is worth $795,000 in retail value. It has been three times successfully crowdfunded.

The staring price is $0.05 per token. 10,000,000 tokens is available. You can buy it with PayPal or you can exchange it for BTC, ETH or WAVES.

The token sale will begin on August 1st, 2017. and will last till all tokens are sold. 

What you can do with SHDW?

As a player you can use it in a game to get certain benefits or as an investor you can make profit from it.

For more info regarding token visit:

For more info regarding game visit:

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