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DeepOnions - Growing  Cryptocurrency With Bright future...!

How much you going to buy..ohh i have few ..Catch it..!

Anyone can start to mine Deeponion through hash power renting; it’s a hybrid cryptocurrency which uses proof of POS and X13 POW (i.e. the power of stack and power of work) algorithm. All the connections and networks are interrogated with TOR network technology. You have to use this network to send and receive deeponions with a high level of security. The process of mining through computing hardware by solving the sophisticated algorithm. All algorithms come in the form of blocks, through this blocks which help to verify the transaction on TOR. Any person can start mining then he will reward with deeponions as tokens, mining of more coins depend upon your efficiency of processing power. Your returns are in negative shows you low efficiency of processing power compared to CPU. There are few requirements which need to mine deeponions:  

 · First, you get confirmed that having a fully functional DeepOnion wallet. (Through setup process)

 · Install latest driver called NVIDIA ( Through drivers list available on Net)

 · Also, install OpenCL, this application is fully featured to get setup complete the system to use for mining. 

 · Have to install CCminer and chose 32 or 64 bit as per available system; this program is a standalone product.    

After downloading and installing this drivers and application now you can start Mining. Now how to mine is as follows –   

1. First of all, we have to open the CCminer directory which was installed as per system bit support (32 Bit or 64 Bit). 

2. Now just right click the mouse, choose the option Folder, and then create a new folder and one Text Document. ( If you are using windows platform then you can easily create all these) 

3. Open the text document, and copy the scripts from Deeponion websites and paste here, which should be like same as- ccminer-x64.exe -a x13 -o stratum+tcp:// –u " WALLET ADDRESS" -p c=ONION
pause  Now what to do here, just replace the Wallet Address with DeepOnion Address, which will find in Deeponion wallet where you will receive the Onions (Cryptocurrency) just copy the address from there. As this mining is available KawaiPools technology because of the only available pool for Onions now or maybe direct through localhost only. But the pool mining is a better option, because of the users using this having more Onions.

 4. Now have to save the .bat by simply choose to save as option under the file name just type DeepOnion.bat, in the same menu there is the option of file type just choose ALL FILES and now save it. 

5. Now need to setup the Mining algorithm (X13), by double click the previously saved BAT file (i.e. “DeepOnion.bat” file). 

6. Now the start mining for “DeepOnions” if you getting any error report that means there must be some driver was not properly installed, so must ensure that the drivers downloaded and installed are latest and OpenCL application is also well working which was downloaded also.    

You are now setup to mine DeepOnion on x13 algorithm. Simply double click the saved DeepOnion.bat file and get to mining! Any errors you find might be due to incorrect drivers. Make sure you have the latest drivers and OpenCL application downloaded.

For more details you may ask to me on comments i will reply you ASAP....!!

thank you to encourge me

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Anyone can mine Deeponions i have given step by step guide to mine it..

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