Real characteristics of a Smart Trader:

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  1. Learns patience_if trades are going the right way then I let it play out, if not my rule #1 is to cut losses quickly. Patience to study incenssantly in the pursuit of profit.
  2. Discipline_discipline in making more profits when their goals are already met, so as not to encounter loss in the process.
  3. Dertermination_Determination to learn everything about what they trade, the sector, the industries, the market environments in order to be able to make the best trades possible.
  4. Independence_the ability to come up with their own ideas, strategies and trading rules that are suited to their own personality.
  5. Business over personal_never taking any trade or investment gain or loss personally and accepting that there are few friends in the business as everyone is out to reap a sum.
    It's best you understand how investing on Bitcoin through Binary & Forex option works before jumping into it, I'm open for questions, enquiries and account management for newbies and investors.

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