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RE: BREAKING: The Biggest Canadian Coin Exchange - QuadrigaCX -- loses 67,000 $ETH !! Due to Coding Error - Funds Locked in an Executable Contract Now!

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

This is insane! Great to see you always getting out the breaking news @barrydutton :)


As per my other comments here, in the post, this is not good news, overall, on several levels.

Nice to hear from you dude.

Definitely bad stuff, no doubt about it! And thanks, I've been around, just all over the place, there is so much to see and interact with here, I lose the time most days. Great to see you pumping out such good info Barry, always a pleasure stopping by here, I need to do it more often :)

I had not heard from you in a couple mths and do not see your posts, just the odd reply to someone, I figured it was part of the Boycott Barry program some like to do LOL

Dan (Larimer) replied to something I wrote here in this thread last nite, I mentioned same to him.... there is just so... every day.

LOL man, not at all! I've been busier than ever here in Steemit. Consistently posting everyday, commenting all around too. I finally just picked the Twitter sharing back up, I gotta get some of your stuff in the queue there. It just gets to be so busy with all this info everywhere as you said. Cryptos are a wild animal and on top of that, I'm into alot of the travel, food and lifestyle posts, so that is always brimming with new stuff too.

I'm trying to dial in a great mix of it all, and not get burned out, but so far so good, I just hit 2 months officially on Steemit yesterday and I see this being the place to be for a while to come. I'm not going anywhere brother, ping me from time to time, sometimes that's all that's needed :) Have a great Saturday man!

Thanks man, I do believe you have been super busy and building a base of support by all accounts.

You are valuable for sure brother, thanks again for stopping by!

Yeah busy for sure, and I see you have been too :) Thanks for those kind words Barry. There is just so much happening and so many awesome people here and not enough hours in the day to enjoy/interact & engage with them all.

That is well said, I cannot add any more and feel bad I cannot interact with more people and it is true..... the busier your own blog gets, the more it takes to simply manage it and that takes away from other contacts on here you would like to do.

That's why we just do the best we can, interact as much as possible and be sure to enjoy it all, because if it isn't fun, it's not worth doing.

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