"Without taking up arms" we are participating in a revolution

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These words by @andrarchy really struck a chord with me. So much so that i went and pasted them onto a recent shot of the setting sun out across the Pyrenees Mountains here in France and immortalised them by sending them out into the public permanence of the Steem blockchain stratosphere ;)

Please copy/paste and use as you wish.

To me these words represent the core intent behind the whole cryptocurrency movement.

I found the words just prior to SteemBlast (an initiative organised by @timcliff to promote STEEM as an investment) in a film uploaded by @andrarchy to guide & enthuse those of us taking part.

Evidence of success means active users

He spent a fair bit of this film focused on the fact that the Steem blockchain is already a working product. Loads of us use it every day and that number keeps rising. This is in stark contrast to a number of other projects which are demanding a high price for their token before they even have a working model.

A potential investor only has to jump onto Steemit for a day to see how active this STEEM-loving community is.

Some other great quotes from the film:

Do you want more and more power & money wrapped up in the hands of fewer and fewer individuals? Or do you want that spread out amongst everyone?

People don't invest in cryptocurrencies because they are a get rich scheme. We invest in them because they're an opportunity to create a more open, decentralised & free future for humanity.

No protocol is delivering more value and has the potential to deliver orders of magnitude MORE value than the STEEM blockchain.

For those of you wanting more...

I wrote an article a few days ago designed to help us understand what is happening in the world and why those of us using Steemit are a big part of the revolution to correct the ballance.


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Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world, currently based in the south of France.

He is travelling with his partner & two children and with no bank account he has been living on STEEM & crypto for over a year.

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All content created for this account is 100% original (unless otherwise stated), produced by @samstonehill who invites you to use & share freely as you wish.

Sam is the creator of:

@steemshop where you can buy or sell anything you like using your steemit wallet

@steemmasters which provides FREE TUTORIALS, personal training & resteeming services. Website HERE
Contact me directly on steem.chat if you want to know more about this

@steemholidays which encourages resort owners to offer holiday packages in Steem or SBD

@steemtv which aims to provide the best in decentralised films, exclusive to Steemit & DTube

The dailyquotes tag initiative designed to encourage steemians to share their most life changing quotes with the community on a daily basis.

The Aspiring Steemit Whales & Dolphins group on Facebook which seeks to help newcomers make the transition from Facebook to Steemit, providing them with detailed notes and personal assistance with their posts... resteeming them when he can.

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Here is a list of Steemit Witness I have voted for & recommend you do the same:
@teamsteem @timcliff @jesta @good-karma @someguy123 @blocktrades @pfunk @klye @krnel @blueorgy @ausbitbank @thecryptodrive @ura-soul @pharesim

Without them our beloved Steemship would not fly.

Learn what this means HERE and place your vote HERE


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I've been promoting Steemit to my Twitter following as I really believe in the platform. Instead of giving our content away to the Facebooks of the world, bring it on home to Steemit!


You know it. Me too. Though I feel sure FB & Twitter limit the visibility of Steemit related content. I rarely get any kind of interaction like I used to there.

I hope so, when will steemit be out of Beta though? ;)


Good question! One I don't know the answer to. Have you tried steempeak.com?

I find their UI to be much more enjoyable. Though no less Beta than Steemit.


Not yet, I have heard good things about that and surfer. I don't understand why steemit inc doesn't just change the logo to remove the beta tag, a few months ago I thought it was briefly gone but then they put it back. If you really want to sell a currency and get people to invest in it at the very least they could pretend they had a finished product.


No idea what qualifies beta/alpha? But yes, feels like we've been beta for long enough!


often commercial software will be pre-released to selected users for a period of "beta testing" and they report any bugs or issues and then the company fixes it up and releases the product for general sale. I have no idea how it even applies to a website like this since they are not actually selling software.

Great read. Needed to hear that. My 'trending' feed is currently full of people obsessed with mining crypto, which isn't why I joined. Starting to think maybe I shouldn't have followed back the 170 odd ppl who followed me when I got the account yesterday... :/ and I should finish reading all the guidebooks...anyway...good to be here.

Cheers for the post.



haha! I know that feeling. Did the same thing when I first joined and then had to spend a week culling the group down to a more "me" kinda bunch.

Welome to steemit ;)


Only just finished going through them all now! :s Loads of bots and dead accounts here by the looks... :/

hi sam.

Please contact me ASAP. I may have some paid work for you with me here in the UK.