Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash: Prevailing in Future!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 


As of April 2017, BTC jumps up & it's still growing up with considering ups and downs. But in previous week it just dropped down to $5490 and in contrast BCC Jumps up from $628 within 3 days to the all-time high at $1953 & suddenly it drops down to $1026 uptil now.


As the news spread BTC fork Segwit2x is not going to happen, All of the sudden investment from BTC is scattered to the Altcoins so the price of BTC drops down and we have witnessed a sudden drop in BTC and a high jump in BCC.
So As the time passed, BTC grow up to its price and BCC have suddenly dropped.

PREDICTION: BTC will touch atleast $9500 before Christmas.

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