No, Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin is not just a substitute for Visa

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

Came across this:

It is sad to see such reputed journals publishing tripe.

BTC is NOT a substitute for Visa/Mastercard. It is an asset, money and a value-transfer mechanism - something last seen (in an outdated form) in gold in the early stages of its development as money.

But BTC is far superior in that it can be (a) easily stored, (b) is theft-proof, (c) can be instantaneously broken down into tiny bits and sold (when it finally becomes money, cf. gold coins) and (d) can be sent across the world in seconds (or hours; depending on the fee you pay).

NOTHING beats cryptocurrency as a store of value and as a non-inflationary currency.

The blockchain can only be defeated by quantum computing, but that's at least a few years away. In the meanwhile there will surely be innovations to defeat even quantum computing.

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