CARTESI: Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications

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Hello friends, I will try to give you information about the CARTESİ project and how the system works. Before I provide information about the project, I want to state that this project is very important and a respected investor. For example, Serguei Popov is an entrepreneur who is praised as the CEO of IOTA coin and his project. The member of the Big Bang Angels Board is Michael HWANG. The Big Bang Angels company always attracts my attention as a company that we hear very often and continues to run very successfully. The main theme of the Cartesi project; "Intensive calculation requires a realistic platform. Cartesi allows external calculations to be run on RISC-V processors under certain Linux operating systems. Developers can use all the tools, libraries and services they already know. "is a realistic and useful project that will provide comfort to users in many fields. As I said, the CARTESİ system will provide convenience in many fields such as; Cartesi will uncover new possibilities for blockchain games. Developers will be able to use tools, libraries, and machines that can be compiled for Linux.In addition, game processing will be free from block chain boundaries without reducing decentralization. Imagine unsafe global participation in some games.It makes me happy to see that it will provide new technology and comfort in the gaming world.


CarteSi is a project with various solutions, acting as a platform where new Dapps application developers will be able to solve only two of the most striking and common problems with the current blockchain in the world. Because this kind of integration helps to use well-developed new technology, with well-known and understandable algorithms, programming languages, and all related tools and libraries that might be needed at any time when creating new Dapps applications.

The benefits of the Cartesi project?

There are several advantages to the Cartesi project which in my opinion are very unique and you should try it later. Cartesi is very serious in developing Blockchain technology so that all obstacles or weaknesses can be fixed in the Cartesi project. Following are the technological advantages developed from the Cartesi project.

Cartesi System Software

Reliable market for artificial intelligence and computing tasks. With Cartesi's decentralized automated verification power, developers will be able to create services that allow new DApps to use and distribute their business from external sources. This includes machine learning, data analysis, or computationally intensive tasks that require experts in their fields. This opens new possibilities for low-cost AI developed by experts and outsourced boots.

How Can Cartesi Help Change the World ?


Decentralized Data Science

Cartesi's verifiable calculations open the way for a decentralized market of data scientists. Businesses can outsource optimization tasks only to specialists whose work will be compensated if the calculations prove to be correct. Imagine optimizing the use of transportation based on the package to be sent, its size and where they need to go.

Finding the Unknown

Outsourcing computing will allow millions of users to use idle computing power. This will benefit entirely unreliable for scientific systems, 3d rendering, video transcoding and many other computationally intensive tasks without a reputation system.






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