RTrade Technologies Ltd - Smart Contract Audit and Deployment Update

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RTrade Technologies Ltd, Is Happy to Announce our Smart Contracts have been officially Tested and Verified by SmartDec. You can find a copy of the final audit here which includes our responses to each of the findings, and our rational behind why they were fixed or not fixed.

Along with this successful audit, we are happy to announce that as of Saturday September 1st 2018 the following contracts will be deployed onto the Ethereum mainnet

We will be taking approximately a week to verify that the contracts were deployed, and are functioning as expected. After that, we will activate the contract that allows users to purchase RTC for ETH, and enable the staking+mining system, but we will also be distributing RTC+ETH to our amazing alpha and beta testers who have stuck with us from the very beginning!

It's been a crazy uear for RTrade and we have come along way, and have done all of this without ever doing an ICO. We would like to extend a thanks to all our supporters, especially our alpha and beta testers. We would also like to thank SmartDec for their amazing work, and to Jonathon Dunford for connecting us with SmartDec.


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