CRYPTO PSA - Is Your Computer Vulnerable To Meltdown & Spectre?

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There are two hardware bugs out there and if you're into crypto you need to fix them now. They are Meltdown and Spectre.

 On affected systems, Meltdown enables an adversary to read memory of other processes or virtual machines in the cloud without any permissions or privileges, affect- ing millions of customers and virtually every user of a personal computer.  



If you use any kind of GUI device you are at risk. Both are processor vulnerabilities that allow malicious software to access the memory of active programs giving the attacker access to just about anything on your computer, mobile phone and/or cloud. 


  The attack is independent of the operating system, and it does not rely on any software vulnerabilities.  


Here is a quote from the Spectre paper:


 Spectre attacks involve inducing a victim to specula- tively perform operations that would not occur during correct program execution and which leak the victim’s confidential information via a side channel to the adver- sary.  


More information including the papers on both bugs is here:

Even if you think you are safe or you have patched your devices, has your trading exchange that holds your coins done so? Many people have told us to keep our coins off the exchanges, a difficult thing to do when you are actively trading, but maybe a wise temporary decision until the exchanges state they have patched this. People have also said keep  your coins in an offline wallet, Trezor, Ledger, etc. and now may be the time for us to finally do so. I am finally ordering mine.


Finally a simple and clear explanation on Meltdown & Spectre? Thanks mate!

I just heard about it, but according to the linked sites this has been public since November. Something like this is deeply disturbing and I wonder if it is an intentional vulnerability or a state actor exploit.

90% and more of us are exposed, because we either act too slow or we are too careless until we are badly harmed or we just wasn't aware - sad, but we would barely learn.

Thank you for the summary, this is the first I hear of this.

Gotta protect our investments!

Good job brother

Very helpful

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