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Cryptocurrency Market Dominance

Total market capital:


Total 24 volume:


Active currencies:


Active assets:


Active markets:

Name Market Capital (usd) Volume 24h (usd) Available Supply
Bitcoin 114,210,360,496 4,187,053,310 17,285,300 BTC
Ethereum 23,828,179,879 1,756,741,412 102,154,909 ETH
XRP 20,639,764,668 951,285,306 39,809,069,106 XRP
Bitcoin Cash 8,076,581,156 392,699,581 17,365,513 BCH
EOS 5,137,715,512 700,609,006 906,245,118 EOS
Stellar 4,830,635,641 231,680,804 18,789,416,513 XLM
Litecoin 3,374,907,425 288,622,689 58,432,006 LTC
Tether 2,807,090,666 2,891,004,578 2,806,421,736 USDT
Cardano 2,163,825,638 112,996,803 25,927,070,538 ADA
Monero 1,920,015,988 45,125,150 16,432,973 XMR
Name Price (usd) Change 1h (%) Change 24h (%)
Bitcoin 6,607.37 -0.35 -2.11
Ethereum 233.26 0.03 -4.92
XRP 0.52 -2.72 -11.26
Bitcoin Cash 465.09 -0.24 -7.06
EOS 5.67 -0.11 -6.50
Stellar 0.26 -0.19 -11.51
Litecoin 57.76 -0.41 -7.80
Tether 1.00 -0.35 0.30
Cardano 0.08 -0.10 -9.45
Monero 116.84 -0.74 -8.16


Rank: 37
Price: $0.86
Volume(24h): $2,496,690
Market capital: $238,628,302
Available supply: 277,700,917
Total supply: 294,675,011
Percent change (1h): -1.10
Percent change (24h): -5.11
Percent change (7d): 15.83

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