Nvidia branches into Cryptocurrency now, more than just video games!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Given Nvidia's performance lead across numerous categories (gaming and data center), we think the Company is best positioned to become the market leader in GPU-based cryptocurrency mining if a new product is released.

Mcafee also talks starting an Ethereum mining building soon in the Bay Area.

MIT Crowns Nvidia as Smartest Company For Bitcoin, Ethereum & AI Development

The list of “smart” companies produced by MIT included some of the most innovative companies in the technology and manufacturing sectors such as SpaceX, Tesla and Amazon but according to MIT Technology Review editor David Rotman, Nvidia’s explosive growth in the AI and Blockchain markets gave the firm an edge over other companies.



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Is there such thing as too many crypto currencies? I'm losing track here already. Thx for the post. Liked and followed 😎

I really think we're getting close to making adoption at this point. Seeing news about McAfee starting an Ethereum mining building and ICOs routinely raising more than VCs can afford to invest... is the writing on the wall yet or what?