How to get BitcoinCash from your Bitcoin / Πως να πάρετε BitcoinCash απο τα Bitcoin σας !

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Dear Steemians

If you want to get BitcoinCash from your Bitcoins you must to the following


  • Have your BTC in Electrum wallet {wallet no.1} before 1st of August

  • After 1st of August make another Electrum wallet {wallet no.2 }

  • Then you have to move your Bitcoins from wallet no1 to wallet no.2

  • Export seed of wallet no1 , use any BitcoinCash wallet (wallet no.3)
    Import seed of wallet no.1 into wallet no.3 ! Cha-ching wallet no.3 should now have the same amount of BCC like wallet no.2 have in BTC

From now on wallet no.2 (BTC) & wallet no.3 (BCC) are 2 different wallets and you should use them independently !




Or you can give your BTC to Kraken and fork them for you !!

May the Satoshi be with us !

Φίλοι Steeminas

Εάν θέλετε να πάρετε BitcoinCash από τα Bitcoin σας θα πρέπει να κάνετε την παρακάτω διαδικασία πριν την 1η Αυγούστου !!!

  • Θα πρέπει να έχετε τα Bitcoin σε ένα πορτοφόλι Electrum πριν την 1η Αυγούστου και θα το ονομάσουμε πορτοφόλι νούμερο 1 !

  • Μετα την 1η Αυγούστου θα πρέπει να κάνετε άλλο ένα πορτοφόλι Electrum και θα το ονομάσουμε πορτοφόλι νούμερο 2 !
    Μεταφέρετε όλα τα BTC από το πορτοφόλι 1 στο πορτοφόλι νούμερο 2 ! Το πορτοφόλι νούμερο ένα είναι τώρα άδειο αλλά έχει μέσα κρυμμένα BCC !

  • Κάντε εξαγωγή το seed από το πορτοφόλι 1 , κατεβαστέ ένα πορτοφόλι BitcoinCash οπού θα το ονομάσουμε πορτοφόλι νούμερο 3 !
    Κάντε εισαγωγή το seed από το πορτοφόλι νούμερο 1 στο νούμερο 3 ! Τώρα το νούμερο 3 πρέπει να έχει το αντίστοιχο ποσό σε BitcoinCash που έχει το πορτοφόλι νούμερο 2 σε BTC!

Από δω και πέρα τα πορτοφόλια νούμερο 2 και νούμερο 3 είναι ανεξάρτητα μεταξύ τους !!
Το seed είναι 12 λέξεις οπού σου τις δίνει το Electrum στην αρχή όταν φτιάχνεις το πορτοφόλι σου ΚΑΙ σε καμία περίπτωση δεν πρέπει να το χάσετε !

Η μπορείτε να τα αφήσετε στο Kraken να κάνει αύτο για σας

Και ο Θεός μαζί μας ! Η ο Satoshi !


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Electrum also works very well for accessing, locking, and spending bitcoins from any private key. That includes cold storage keys and paper wallets.

Another Electrum fan! 😎

I have been at this a long time and Taki is a good guy. Good hearted. I donate to servers every time I am in my wallet.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am an idiot. I should have been more prepared for this. Electron cash is apparently a scam. An exchange would have worked, lost several coins worth.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You have seen mBCC once and disappeared afterwards ? Since you see it once they are there somewhere hidden?I Maybe you misread something ? Since you have mistyped a lot ?! The thing is i can't understand clearly your situation !

  • 8:20am ? at which timezone are you referring BTC split was at 12:20 UTC and also we had a delay !
  • Worked like a charm for me !
  • Thanks for the flag ! I will return the favor ! ✌️
  ·  2 years ago (edited)



Proof that it works ! Put some effort reading better next time please ,

Hey @acis,

If you had your Bitcoin and Bitcoincash in the same wallet at first I am sorry to say it is lost to a scammer.

For security reasons bitcoins were to be sent first to Wallet no.2 then using Importing key and with Electrumreplay feature would get BCH in wallet and transfer to Wallet no.3.

The reason this happened is scammer by the alias of "Jonald Fyookball" Distributed "Electro cash" and had access to binaries it wasn't well known and the Electrum made post at 2a.m before Fork and still only have 91 retweets and 70 likes now so nobody knew how bad the problem was.

It is and easy mistake to make and its nobody fault except for the scammer.

Please take your flags off of @rouketas post he gave good advice you were just unlucky.

Thank you for the info :)

you are very welcome ! :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Well in that case after 1st of August you can dump your private keys in any BCC wallet, but first you have to move your BTC to a new one ! Then start over :)

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

"Have your BTC in Electrum wallet {wallet no.1} before 1st of August"

why do we need to bring out our BTC from cold storage before AUG 1 ?

Is this not risky ?

Can't we just move bcc to wallet 3 from paper wallet after Aug 1 ?

well the definition "Cold storage" can be anything that isn't power on when you using your computer, usb, ext hdd, also in my case i am more Electrum guy ! but yeah you can go this way also

oh, ok thanks :)

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good and wonder ful information all answer about btc get in this post @rouketas

thanks for stopping by !

@rouketas got you a $2.14 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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A great and easy to understand walk About those exchanges that say will support BCC? Will i end up with both coins or one??

Yep! After the fork you will log in and have BTC & BCC as well ! But i dont feel safe knowing some else is holding my private keys !

Great article. Updated, followed and resteemed.

Thank you very much appreciated !

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You got my vote and a resteem :)

Thank you for your support ! :)

nice post buddy

@Bittrex announced that they will also fork them for you! I converted all my cryptos that were already in bittrex into BTC. :)

Και το @Bittrex ανακοίνωσε οτι θα κάνει το ίδιο! Ότι είχα εκεί μέσα το έχω μετατρέψει ήδη σε BTC.

Egw apo tin allh me ta BTC pou eixa sto trex mazeuw oti petane oi upolupoi ! ;) megalutero profit ! enta3ei na paroume kai to BCC alla kai to profit profit ! :P

Χαχαχα την καλύτερη δουλειά κάνεις! Θα το έκανα κι εγώ, αλλά τα'χω σε paper wallets τα υπόλοιπα, και βαριέμαι να το κάνω.

Ti twra ti tin trith ! ektos kai an exeis vlepeis na kratiseis to BCC long

Λέω να κρατήσω κάποια, αλλά θα εξαρτηθεί από το πως θα εξελιχθεί τις πρώτες μέρες όλη η ιστορία (καλά, δεν έχω και πολλά, σύνολο 0.2btc είναι :P )

500eura den ta les kai liga! :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Is it necessary to create Wallet2, or can I just send my BTCs from one address in my Wallet1 to another unused address in my Wallet1? If that is possible, it would prevent the hassle of creating another Wallet and keeping its seed.

Where there no not such big hassle ! again we are talking for free money! ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well, I don't think it is free money really. If one bitcoin version goes up the other would go down. So, they would balance each other out.

time will tell ! but i think BCC is just another alt coin...

Greedy people, you have to rename this post in how contribute to destroy BTC

I am pretty sure that you will lose money/value.
You really believe in this bullshit, you calculation you make with actual price from coinmarketcap, but what are guaranties that the real price post 1 august would not be 15$

Because everebody do it, i will do it rule will heart you.

See all this shit makes me Vomiting.

I am in for the long run , i am cool !
get some Dramamine i hope you feel good soon !

fantastic post

Cheers ! ^^

You could also share the youtube link instead of your article ..

Thanx, great article.

Thanks for stopping by @carltong !

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

NO !

ok thank you