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It's been 16 days since I last posted my blog. Sorry guys if you were eager to know about my progress. I was in loss and I had promised my self not to post untill I got profit. I applied lots of trading strategies, watched lots of youtube videos, googled the coin predictions and many more. Nothing worked.

They say 'buy at low and sell at high, do not sell too quick and do not wait too long'. Well, it's a relative term and no one knows precise in quantity how much is the high and how much is the low, or what's the perfect time. Everybody only knows after the time has passed.

I had total investment of $1037 about 25 days ago. I know I invested in wrong time because at that time Bitcoin was in it's peak. Now, this investment is worth $706. It's a loss of about 30%. But, I would say it's not a failure rather a good beginning because I have learnt a lot.

In 2 months, I have to pay $3500 to my college as tuition fee. I hope to earn $6000. Please wish me luck. Please give your feedback. I need to learn more.

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Hey roshan! Nice post.

Thanx, myan..

No problem bro!