Cryptocurrency Day Trade #4

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello guys,

I changed my strategy from trading with USDT to trading with BTC in bitrex because I think it is more efficient as quantity of bitcoins increases so does the value of bitcoins in long run.

I did not perform good yesterday. I had bought verge coin and its value dropped significantly right after. I waited for a long time and at some point I sold it with neither profit nor loss. The funny thing is that right after I sold it, it fucking blew up high. I got so furious that I almost killed my laptop with my bare hands.

I applied divide and conquer strategy and started trading 2 alt coins. Edgeless gave me good profit. Now, I have value of 0.057 BTC which I raised from 0.054. I have put money in BitBay but again same thing is happening. I ain't selling that unless I gain net 5% profit.

Thank you for reading. Follow me to know what happens next. :)


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