Cryptocurrency Day trade #1

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago  (edited)

It's been 1 month, I started involving in trading to earn. First 2 weeks, I did some research on it. Second 2 weeks, I did experiments with $50 doing day trading in bitrex. So far, I had a good profit of $10 in 2 weeks. I should say that this encouraged me more to involve in cryptocurrency trading.

Today, I invested $850 more to get into bigger game. I am not an expert, I am no fool too. But one thing I know about me is that I will fail and I will learn and I will work hard and I will get success. From today on, I will be posting almost each day about my progress of day trading.

Lately, I have $935 and I have invested all of it in Ripple. Let's hope positive.1.png

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I'm not really much of a day trader myself.
Usually use my earned SBD to buy other alts and then hold them until they moon.

Wow, maybe you have patience which I do not have. Hehe!
BTW, how much do you earn SBD in a month or week?