The Crypto Singularity

in cryptocurrency •  last year

crypto singularity.jpg

Great article about the future of our beloved crypto "evolution".

A little extract:
Big money and the state will seek to “hijack” the Crypto Singularity, and the battle ahead will be both political, generational and ideological

Go read it here:

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The Crypto Singularity is nice, Great article about the future, its awosome

Scary future... ;) But always interesting... Here's my idea of talking more about that stuff ...
@katharsisdrill told me about you! @creutzy and me are organizing our very own Danish SteemFest, CopenSteem ! Talking about spring 2018, in Copenhagen!

I see you're cph based, awesome! You can text me on chat or email me at [in English or Danish ;) ]

That's the initial -a bit vague for now - plan:
Hope to have you on board !!! :D