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That look on his face was when you told him you'd pay in BCash.

My god, he looks like he just heard his dog died.

I'd probably look like someone died if con-man Ver came up to me and started talking. Or was it shouting? Roger doesn't really know the difference between the two - as shown at the "debate" with Jimmy Song.

Whatever, another drop in the ocean of FAIL that BCash is sinking into.

BCash relative hashrate dipped to 3%, which was hilarious. Keep trying to bail out that rustbucket Roger, you're at sea and losing everything you put into this shitcoin.

BCash Pump And Dump

How does it feel Roger to look at that yearly bar chart and see you've accomplished nothing? Who am I kidding, Ver-the-grifter will ride this pony until he has sold all of his BCash bags.

Too funny.