New Vlog is Up: Korea loves Bitcoin Cash!! and Debating a Blockstream Supporter

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

This is part one of two, from my trip to Korea. Spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption and visiting exchanges like Huobi and Coinnest as well as multiple startup events and BCH meetups.

Any favourite moments or quotes from this one?

As always I enjoy hearing from you in the comments in the video.

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@rogerkver, thank you for the video! The debate with the student about the Lightning Network was really very interesting.

Btw, I am a proponent of BTC and BCH. In my view, both cryptocurrencies have great potential.


You're half-right ;)

After BCash gets majority forked, it will be all over -- I'd dump before it happens sometime in July.


(Moved upstream for visibility, lolol)

Roger is trying really hard to give you an impression that adoption is happening, but like the ghost cities of china, he's built a lot of empty highways but no one is driving on them.

In some REAL news, looks like the BCash fork is on track -

Hilariously, the same team was able to find glaring holes in the BCash narrative regarding blocksize --

As always, its good to know who is trying to push an ego-project on newbies as "real" -- some history of Lyin' Ver's duplicitous deeds --

And to close out, proof that BCash is mostly speculative in volume, even compared to Bitcoin --

News you can REALLY use, instead of someone feeding their ego.

30% of core commits come from blockstream peeps. Saying they ‘dominate’ development is misleading.
The high fees we saw were in part due to jihan’s crew spamming as well as major players like Coinbase not implementing Segwit or batching transactions. Blaming ‘blockstream’ is a cop out


Blockstream-Core controls the github source tree. They are in total control of Bitcoin BTC.


Parroting Lyin' Ver's talking points just makes you look like a fool.

"483 contributors (and 11,688 forks!) This means that if every technically capable employee at Blockstream contributed to bitcoin , it would make up about 2%."

Medium Article:


In all honesty, there's no way to know if any particular group has control except when they clearly assert it. This was done previously, but I think is less so since many prominent Blockstream employed went on to other projects. Now we (or most of all of course those invested in ticker BTC) are instead dealing with the remnants.

You can blame high fees on "attackers" all you like, but the Bitcoin design (now in use by BCH) doesn't take motivations into account to this degree, nor should it have to or does it change the fundamentals of the network itself.

Our South Korean brothers will push us into the world of adoption just like they pushed Mexico to the knockout stage.

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Adoption is happening on the Bitcoin Cash platform and you Blockstream-Core heads are really in denial about the direction of Bitcoin BTC.


Here, I'll help you out since you didn't visit any of the links. (Big surprise)

BCash Shit Tx Volume Chart

BCash - 116, Bitcoin - 1,624 (3 hr totals)

See the wiggling blue line? WAAAAAAY below the orange one? That's your altfork. It doesn't do shit for volume. Look at the numbers -- its anemic. Bitcoin does easily 10x your total if not more on a slow day.

Who's in denial again?