the game is not over for bitcoin even there is a temporary price drop in bitcoin because most previous investors who purchased bitcoin earlier are selling now due to uncertainty and afraid without proper reasons and that is the main reason even bitcoin is doing fine and all the things are happening for its advantage the price is falling in a high rate but i think this situation will change very quickly and individuals who are in the market will understand so bitcoin will continue to increase in value with more demand
If I am not mistaken this kind of bearish market already happened three times in the early years to mid years of Bitcoin in the market and whenever Bitcoin reaches its all-time high it will soon crash and when the time it recovers it will reach a record-breaking all-time high than the previous one and I guess there is a chance that it will happen again.
But I don't think that Bitcoin will recover this year and if you study its growth it looks like its going down some more and when the time it reaches the bottom, that will be the time that it will start to grow again. Cool

And to the OP. Bitcoin will never be over because sooner or later this innovation in our monetary system will be appreciated by more people in the world and the demand will start to rise again. Wink

Excelente info MRS ... En @starcontract y también estamos impulsando la adopción de bitcoin cash en la comunidad latina... Saludos maestros...✌️🎙️⭐

Roger, you should consider removing your videos from YouTube. YouTube even deletes my comments on your videos. This happens again and again! Here is my latest comment deleted by a YouTube troll:
"There's a bunch of animals calling BCH a scam. These animals know no limits of their stupidity. I am so sorry. Keep up your good works, Roger! I fully support you. Take care!"

I am not absolutely sure about this but they know who I am? Exactly last year, PayPal basically stole my money and I complained a lot to them but they refuse to return the EURO they took from to me ever since. I no longer use PayPal. I do not like eBay and UBER and AirBNB and so on being associated with PayPal as if PayPal is a good company. It is just a monopoly and a fraud just like the US Federal Reserve and other central banks in the world. This is one of the many reasons why I like Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and still have hopes in this grim world.