My Story of Being Tortured in Prison [VIDEO]

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I was around 22 years old.

Here are some pictures of me from that time. You can see the firecrackers, they are the small things we are holding.
fishing 4.jpeg

fishing 5.jpeg

The firecrackers were sold by many online sellers on eBay at the time and also major retailers too:

As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comments. So don't forget to post them under the video. If this video meant something to you then please share it.


Good one, Felix!

German meme quality :D


Familiar with Hans Herman Hoppe?

not really, but i read authors who are inspired by him (Oliver Janich)

The problem is there are all kinds of laws even some obscure ones. Why shouldn't he be allowed to sell fireworks online and ship them, isn't that what many are doing. Plus why would ebay allow the sale of fireworks if it is illegal, if ebay had prevented the sale and explained in detail why it could have made a difference.

IT is corporatism Small independant sellers are persecuted

Very powerful story. I've never been to prison but I have two friends that have been tortured there as well. There is no valid excuse for this behavior. It's bad for everyone.

map prison incarceration rates.png

The truly sickening thing about some places (Louisiana) is that their economy is based on the slave labor that the Revenge System brings in. Fixing the problem would literally crash the economy. It's pretty disgusting how entrenched this embarrassment truly is. To top it off, the entire system is heavily rooted in racism.

I wrote a post about this as well:
Beware The Police State

I hope that one day people will wake up out of their coma and realize how many bad things are happening around the globe on a daily basis; all preventable.

Fixing the problem would literally crash the economy.

I understand where you're coming from, but beware this argument. It was the same one used to justify much grimmer forms of slavery at one point.

It can be fixed without crashing the economy, which is of course not to say that it will.

Honestly, I would choose to crash the economy.

I think you should run for Congress!!!

You obviously, have not been following up with Roger. He denounced his US Citizenship.

Great video, Roger. Powerful to finally hear these kind of details about your story.

Hoping that Gary catches some sort of “break” in regard to the merciless, parasitic attack being perpetrated against him. The state has done untold damage to humankind for so long now, one can almost understand why folks wish to believe in a hell.

Keep spreading the message. As dark as things can seem. This is highly encouraging. Ideas can never die.

Roger Ver was not really jailed for firecrackers, but he was imprisoned and tortured because he is a powerful supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We all must take a stand in support of Bitcoin activists now before prosecutors begin to target us on Steemit.


I was so angry and sad when you told your story this year at Anarchapulco. Saludos desde México

Utter madness... the fact that anyone could think that a person losing his freedom for a mutually consensual transaction of firecrackers is anything short of unfathomable evil is beyond me.

People will say, “Yeah, that’s fucked up, but we gotta have laws”. They see the leaves and miss the tree because their thinking is not rooted in principles.

But philosophy isn’t practical, right? No need to train the mind, I’m just born ready! Now, where’s my shoes... I have to go pull a lever so a satanic millionaire can make all my decisions for me.

Thank you for sharing. I'm sure this was probably difficult for you to talk about. I know it's not the same thing, but it was difficult for me to listen to as well.

There's no question that prison guards, and police in general, are far more mentally unstable than those they watch over. These are people who have willfully taken up arms against their fellow men for the sake of the state. Even if they have fallen for the "public service" nonsense, if they don't stop once they have learned the truth about what they have chosen to do for a living, they are definitely unhinged people. (I almost used the word "irredeemable," but I'd like to think these people are capable of a come-to-Jesus moment where they stop what they're doing and go do something productive with their lives instead. That doesn't seem to happen enough, though.)

Congrats on ultimately being able to rise above this nonsense and leave the country, despite the blemished criminal record. I'd love to hear more about that at some point.

I wish all people would come forward with their experiences with our "justice system" and get the word out. I do personally know several people who were treated by our justice system in some really piss-poor ways, both in and out of prison itself. Just recently my boyfriend was stopped because the pigs "couldn't see his plates". He peacefully used his rights. Kindly refused search. The pig coerced him out of his vehicle to show him, "what is wrong with the plate". Once his back was turned to the Police, they just grabbed him without warning, bashed his face into the curb, and arrested him with no reading of rights, being informed of the intent to arrest, given a reason for arrest, and never got his phone call. They put him in a police car on a 110 degree day with all windows up with no access to water or A/C. He was taken to the station furthest away from his house, held for 13 hours, fed moldy bread and stale cookies, drank tainted tap water, then released at 3:30 in the morning forcing him to walk in the rain 21 miles to get home. The pigs lost his DL. Yeah, a life ruined because pigs can't read a plate? I am so sorry to hear about your story. I do believe that these types of things do "affect us all" and should be taken quite seriously. Thank you so much for sharing.

Diesel Therapy is a new one on me, never heard of that before but it sounds HORRIBLE!

Sorry you had such a shitty time in prison Roger, I hope you never go back. As for Gary, I really hope he can find a way to avoid going to the USA, it's not a place you want to be (especially in prison)

Taxation most definitely is theft/extortion and the state is nothing more than a violent thug shrouded in patriotism.

Be safe out there man, get the hell away from the US injustice system as fast as you can! I can guarantee this is going to piss them off even more (Looking forward to part 2) ;)

Sometimes freely enjoy your life is really harmful because others are not ready to see us happy

Sad to hear this.. Thanks for sharing your interesting story. I wish you all the best for the future!

You made your comment right after the video was posted, stop spamming, nobody will upvote you for it.

Do you know who Lujan Matus is?

I ask because of your icon picture.

Hey @crystalhuman, I don't see how I'm spamming. Can you please explain me why it's a problem that I commented right after the video was posted?

You didn't watch the video, at least not before making your comment. That's what spammers do, they don't bother with the content, they show up to make a spammy comment like yours without even knowing what the story was about.

Thanks for your reply! I don't consider myself to be a spammer nor do I make spammy comments for upvotes, but thanks for the heads-up. Have a nice day!

If you make spammy comments for upvotes, you're a spammer. lol

Your life has been a crazy ride so far Roger....thanks for sharing this with us. It’s s horrible people are gong to jail for things like this.

Glad to see this important message circulate here on STEEMIT, with your side of the story. Political prisoners in the USSA? Plea bargain railroading. I thought it can't happen here.

The power to punish brings out the worst in man. We are living our soviet (collective) Gulag period of history. Thoughts and ideas are the most dangerous of all. THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE TOLERATED could be the motto of the true perpetrators.

And it's pitiful how even presumed business rivals (like Trace Meyer) have picked up on the "selling of explosives" to malign you. What a cheap shot!

This is why we can not have nice thingsIMG_20180704_230520843.jpg

Roger, this personal story of yours was really touching. It is really sad what happens when other people use force over you. Much of what you told reminded me of my military service time 15 years ago. Felt pretty much like prison as well. If I think about it now, so did the fifteen years of government school before that as well.

Thank you for sharing that. It has started a thought-train...

@rogerkver, great video! Thank you for sharing this information with us! You are a great person!

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Have you actually read the criminal complaint against Gary Davis? Let's be honest here: He's not exactly some innocent forum administrator. He conspired with others to deal drugs, and likely facilitated addicting thousands of people to illegal drugs. The moral of the story: if you don't want to serve time in prison, don't deal drugs or facilitate the sale of drug transactions. Here's the original federal indictment against Davis in case anyone is interested:

Drug dealers are awesome. It is only a crime because the Guv and Corporations don't get a cut of the action. Ever notice porno is legal but prostitution is not? Same reason. They don't like people making money "under the table". Who cares? I don't like being forced to pay taxes that never come back to help me or my people in any way.

You know what? Under the unimaginable plethora of federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, I am 100% confident that you, personally, are a criminal.

You speak as you do about this person's victimless crimes because you are allowed to do so.

That may change, because you too may be more profitable as directly enslaved than as free range chattel.

I bet you can't even imagine it!

Damn I feel like I'm watching an old episode of locked up abroad

Damn I feel like I'm
Watching an old episode
Of locked up abroad

                 - vicspics

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Never picks on me.
I feel sad.

Hi @rogerkver, cool to see you on Steemit as well!

Would you do me the honour of giving me a reply on this comment? Then I can add you to my list of 'Famous crypto people that I've personally connected with once!' together with Dan Larimer and Jackson Palmer!

You'd really make my day! It would be 'that time that Roger Ver and me spoke!'
Thanks! 😀

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and make a comment. Nice speaking with you.

Thanks!! This made my day!

"That time Roger Ver and me spoke online!"

I am sad this happened to you. There is no person that should be tortured.

I have been tortured and held as a slave. It is an evil scourge that must end, for the felicity of our posterity.

W.C.Fields is reported to have said something along the lines of "If you want to see the dregs of society, the true scum of the Earth, go to your local jail or prison parking lot, at shift change."


Rogers motives are so clear, his actions match his words which match his motives which matches his experience. Its so easy to understand that. Yet core trolls smear him, and I honestly think its because they are just too stupid to understand motives and incentives.

Right, but I think it's worse than that. The real Hard Core Hierarchy deliberately malign him by design (he's harboring libertarian IDEAS). Then the masses of "me-too's" get on board to hate on him. Everything happens by design but mobs really are too stupid to understand. And the worst of it is that really intelligent people get caught up in mob psychology.

Please stop copy pasting this messsage. You may be sincere in your views, but at this point I consider myself obligated to downvote on the basis of it being an obvious if not word for word copy paste and there being a high likelyhood this is a spam account. Nothing personal. Hopefully our interactions will be more positive in the future.

this story is your's or someone else


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