Bitcoin Cash is being adopted in Tokyo - Roger Ver Vlog 2

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We recently had a meetup in Tokyo with over 100+ registered attendees and we filmed it all for you. As always I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

There is a real buzz around Bitcoin Cash adoption, and for good reason. (Instant, low fees and permissionless transfers!) I hope in this video you can get a glimpse of what the future looks like for merchants around the world.

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Bitcoin Cash has always been better than Bitcoin Core, it will just take some time before people realise this.

I totally agree that Bitcoin Cash BCH is better than Bitcoin Core BTCC.

It will take more time for you to realize that BCH has fundamental flaws -- (Covers ETH, EOS, BCH and some others)

It also should be concerning that Roger Ver hasn't taken all of his BTC and converted it to BCH.

Its easy to prove - just show us the wallet addresses and the entries in the blockchain where it was transferred, along with the corresponding transactions on the BCH chain where it was put into a BCH wallet.

But Roger will never do this - he even has admitted that he still holds Bitcoin. Wonder why?

If his personal project is so great, what is stopping him? Is he simply waiting for others to be the bag-holders before performing a large exit scam?

Time will only tell -- and a lot of money will be lost in the process.

Among forks of bitcoin, bitcoin cash is the best.

Bitcoin Cash is not a fork of bitcoin, but the actual Bitcoin that dates back to the genesis block.

Very strong and much better than bitcoin but unfortunately all the cryptos are related to bitcoin and it`s not good, They should be autonomous.

Great talk, I like the way how Bitcoin (bch) evolves.
Switched from paying bills from btc to bch since Bitpay is supporting Bitcoin Cash.

bitcoin cash is altcoin bitcoin core is the reserve

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I love Japan and their adoption. I wish I could live there for a few years.

Is there any possibility of Roger visiting India? We would love to see him here.

May the best coin win. I own the same amount of both since the fork. Whichever wins long term will vastly change life as we know it.

Yay! That's a good news for the cryoto world generally. Acceptance of bitcoin is an acceptance of other coins too..

Well-done for taking crypto round the universe.... Hahaha

Tokyo has done the adoption, now is time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Beware that Bitcoin is already adopted in Japan. What we are talking about here is "Bitcoin Cash" a fork from Bitcoin, promoted by Roger Ver.

Unlike most Bitcoin fanboys, I do not care which fork take precedence, as long as they go up in value, that is all I care about.

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totally agree that Bitcoin Cash up down

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin. The endless war!!

yeep who win this war at 2157?

Roger Ver put anyone else off using Bcash?

A big step? It will depend on your interpretation! So success for this fork !!!

Great to follow the biggest ambassador of BCH himself!

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Sobre moeda steem e steemit em geral, não sei se você viu, mas o preço da sbd subiu hoje cerca de 25%. No meu país, Brasil, valem cerca de R$ 8, 40. Antes era vale aproximadamente £ $6,50. Isso faz uma diferença enorme para nós, porque aqui os produtos tem um monte de impostos e o que temos não é tão fácil cobrir os custos. Isso nos ajuda muito. Espero que no final do ano e no próximo ano, a sbd pode valer pelo menos 20% mais do que vale hoje e o steem cerca de US $3,50 a $4 dólares. Você não tem ideia como isso nos ajuda aqui no nosso país.

Para aqueles de vocês que vivem ou nos EUA ou Europa, que deve ser algo irrelevante, no entanto, isto faz uma diferença enorme.

Shoutout from Canada.

Pretty interesting topic, I'll review it!

Bitcoin cash is faster, better and maybe in future more famous than now

It's awesome that more and more are supporting crypto.

Bitcoin Cash isn't Bitcoin though. Bitcoin has been held back and is much less usable now because it has been. Eventually, they will likely have to finally fork Bitcoin and change it. Likely they'll use changes that have been done in cryptos like Bitcoin Cash as inspiration, or just adopt them. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin but more usable.