Bitcoin Adoption in Korea is Exploding 🚀🇰🇷Huge Crypto Exchanges Adopt Bitcoin Cash 비트코인 캐시 가즈아~

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

I had a fantastic trip over to Korea recently and had some very productive meetings with the large crypto exchanges over there as well as hosting multiple Bitcoin meetups. The cryptocurrency scene over in Korea is growing rapidly.

Bitcoin Cash Gazua!

There is also a magical moment in the vlog when we discover our random 67 year taxi driver knows all about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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This is exactly the reason why many people call your shitcoin Bcash. Your title is very misleading and not really helping adoption. Hope this useless coin that nobody uses in the real world dies soon so that this scammy marketing campaign stops.


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Another day, another post from Lyin' Ver about how his altfork is supposedly going places. Oh, its going alright, going to the big recycle bin in the sky.

Roger has built a lot of empty highways but no one is driving on them. <--- The flat blue line is BCash, the much HIGHER orange line is Bitcoin.

(Recent spike is due to the Bitpico impending fork -- )

In some REAL news, Jimmy Song calls out Lyin' Ver for not betting that BCash would overtake Bitcoin --

Hilariously, the BitPico team was able to find glaring holes in the BCash narrative regarding blocksize --

As always, its good to know who is trying to push an ego-project on newbies as "real" -- some history of Lyin' Ver's duplicitous deeds --

And to close out, proof that BCash is mostly speculative in volume, even compared to Bitcoin --

News you can REALLY use, instead of someone feeding their ego.

Bonus -- Lightning user sends 400 transactions for 10 cents --

Keep spreading the word. It looks like you're having a lot of fun doing it.

i will also hope

I had no idea that you had an account here Roger.

I love your hustle. Seems like you did some great work over in Korea. :)

YES,there ,a awareness every where about the crypto currennies. Koera is rapidly growing country and people are interesting and knowing about crypto currencies

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@rogerkver Korea is such a strong country, yet they are very nice about bitcoin, but it is a very beautiful step nicche, but behind India government bitcoin is shutting down, from Korea, India needs to learn about digital, how much change in era Being, but India is still there, what do you think ?? Bitcoin legal in india ???


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@talltim sir many many thanks for the great work,,

I hope Korea and Japan bring BCH to new highs. I love both countries a lot.

you're doing great i like you information thanks to sharing with us


You're doing great i
Like you information thanks
To sharing with us

                 - sujon05

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Now that is a good news, hopefully things are going a good way for the crypto world

People will always spread positive or negative thoughts around all beautiful minds. Nice to see your work around some years for promoting crypto. I would like to see my self doing that but needs an opportunity to do that. Crypto rules

@rogerkver, it is really great that you started uploading videos more often than before! I will subscribe to your account in #Steemit. Please, upload more videos in #Steemit and #DTube.

I vote for you, you vote for me. I enjoyed your post