Rocket Mining is now online with brand new website - new cloud mining service

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We wanted to inform everyone that Rocket Mining started its operations today with brand new website. Its first step in our plan to start our first crowdfounding campaign with option to pre-purchase Mining Power with 30% discount for all supporters.

We started our online presence today with brand new website of our online cloud mining service called Rocket Mining. We want to offer our clients new kind of services with totally new facility and user-friendly architecture. New website is a first step to educate our potential supporters and clients what Rocket Mining is all about and how we want to achieve our goals. We also strongly belive in the support from people like us who are fascinated with current technology shift in to blockchain based ecosystems and want to actively participate.

Our Mission

We want to be more than cloud mining service, for us it's about creating an enterprise online entity that gone actively take part in development and adaptation of blockchain technology and ecosystem. Mining cryptocoins for clients is just a part of curation of current network architectures but to go forward all services and adopters need to participate in purely collective way. Rocket Mining have three approaches to do that:

  • Cloud Mining Service - offering new altcoins to mine for clients and keep adding new tokens that in our opinion have potential to be widely adopted in the future. We want to become early adopters of new blockchain networks that have very specified functions for particular industry.

  • Knowledge base - we will expand our blog to fully functional knowledge base about cryptocurrency mining and user driven place to get current information about the industry. We will include know-how guides, software and hardware reviews as well as website catalogue of mining services and companies based on user-posts model.

  • Projects Support - rocket mining will support new projects and initiatives in blockchain technology. One of the areas we want to help adopt new technology is decentralized storage projects like STORJ, SIA and BURST networks. We will try to utilize and adopt those tools in what we do and promote however we can.

  • New Services - depending on the performance of Rocket Mining service we might take part in ICOs and create new educational and development oriented services. Our team have a lot of experiance in web and app development, we want to use those skills to create new websites and online services within blockchain industry creating our own community of clients benefiting from each other.

Rocket Mining is first official project of Alternative Mining company registered and based in London, UK. We invite everybody interested in cryptocurrency mining to take part in our project either as user or client.

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I want to see more support for Decentralized Cloud Storage solutions with encrypted files. Those projects need more promotion and more users to start fighting for bigger share of the market.