Rocket Mining is now on Steemin, supporting STEEM blockchain project

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Image of Rocket Mining Steem

Rocket Mining service is now officially on Steemin platform. We will try to support this innovative blockchain project as much as we can in the future, because we know that Rocket Mining is more than just cryptocurrency mining service.

We are a part of new, decentralized blockchain ecosystem and we recognizing big potential that STEEM blockchain have. We predicting a lot of good news for whole steem community in the future and we wane be a part of it, contributing our knowledge and resources to promote Steemin platform. Project is still in beta version what gives a lot of challenges as well as a lot of potential for early adopters. There's a lot of job that need to be done by development team and community to take Steemin to the next level. Cryptocurrency market values are determined by the utility of the currency. The more use and value you get, the more demand there is. With Steemin it's simple, more users equals more value, but everybody need to be working constantly to curate this process. We belive small business owners who currently using other internet channels can be one of most profitable group among steemin users. That's why we want Steemin to be part of our promotional channel for our cloud mining service Rocket Mining. We belive that our company gone benefit from the platform and that other companies should benefit too. From now on we will promote and support whole STEEM blockchain among our viewers, users and clients as much as we can.

We really appreciate all the feedback and the support for our project, if you like what we do please upvote our post.

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Welcome to Steem @rocketmining I have upvoted and sent you a tip

thank you for the support